Song of the Week: The Decemberists – “Ben Franklin’s Song”

Want more Hamilton? This is the next best thing!

As you can imagine, when writing a musical about the American Revolution, you may have some extra lines or ideas that didn’t make the cut. That’s what happened to Lin-Manuel Miranda, who had an unused set of lyrics. As part of a new song series called The Hamildrops, he’s going to release new tunes that missed the cut for Hamilton every month until next December.

The first entry, “Ben Franklin’s Song,” isn’t a rap number. Instead, it’s an upbeat folk number recorded by The Decemberists. The song goes over all of the Founding Father’s achievements, from his own egotistical perspective. But hey, when you help lead a revolution, start a new nation, discover electricity, invent bifocal glasses and more, you earn the right to introduce yourself as “I am Poor-Richard’s-Almanack-writing Benjamin Fuckin’ Franklin.”

You can hear this piece and more tracks in the coming months at