Christopher Priest begins his run on Justice League with a tale of Batman making a bad decision in the field.

Justice League 34
Written by Christopher Priest 
Art by Pete Woods

I was really excited when Priest was announced as the new writer for Justice League, following a dreadfully dull run on the company’s premiere super-team by Bryan Hitch. I’ve been a fan of Priest’s writing since his run on STEEL back in the late-1990s, and I have been looking forward to what he can bring to the table on Justice League. Plus, he’s from Queens, my adopted home, so it’s impossible to go wrong here.

Add to the mix the art of Pete Woods, who I am also a fan of, and there was no way I wasn’t adding Justice League back into my pull.

The new team’s first issue doesn’t have any wide-spread cosmic destruction or a giant battle with the Injustice League. Instead, it focuses on a day where the League has to face a number of different issues – a natural disaster, a potential alien invasion and a hostage situation – and how the team faces them down. More importantly, it looks at what happens when the normally infallible Batman makes a mistake due to exhaustion that causes the team to not operate to its peak performance.

It’s a great first issue, laying out how Priest plans to move forward with the world’s greatest heroes. That he starts right off with Batman making a mistake pleases me to no end, because it’s so rare to see comic book stories where Batman actually admits that he’s wrong. I am very intrigued at how this will play out over the next few issues.