Franz Ferdinand are back!

The Scottish rock band returns with their first new single since 2013’s Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. The group’s undergone a few changes in the intervening years. Guitarist Nick McCarthy left amicably, with Dino Bardot and Julian Corrie filling in for him. Franz Ferdinand also collaborated with Sparks to form the electropop supergroup FFS.

A hustling vibe has always been part of Franz Ferdinand’s DNA, but few of their songs reach the body-shaking sensation of “Always Ascending.” The song starts with a slow piano melody, as voices echo in the background. It all gets louder and louder, until it does what best Franz Ferdinand tracks do: transforms into a funky jam, the type where you can’t help but dance. An electro-bass and climbing synth slips into a disco guitar riff right out of Nile Rodgers’ catalog. Then towards the end, the synth melody moves up front, rhythmic and excellent.

It’s an exciting statement, one that is a good lead-in to their new record, also titled Always Ascending. You can pick it up on Feb. 9 via Domino.