Song of the Week: Jake Shears – “Creep City”

Let’s keep this simple: if you like to dance, you can’t go wrong with Jake Shears.

There are very few artists today that make a groove as strong and sublime as the Scissor Sisters. Since their debut in 2004, they’ve kept the party going from one record to the next. The band has been on hiatus for the five years, but its lead singer is shaking off the dust with his first solo album. And what better way to kick off that project than with the swaggering glam of “Creep City”?

The song propels with saloon keyboards and one of the dirtiest bass tones all year. Saxophones squawk and strings sweep as Shears’ voice moves from a sly, quick-talking purr to a belted falsetto. In a recent interview, Shears said that he had no interest in making a solo record, until a friend told him; “There’s no issue with you making a solo record– as long as it’s fantastic.”

If “Creep City” is anything to go by, he’ll have no problem hitting that goal! The track is available now. Stay tuned for further details on the album itself.