Song of the Week: Screaming Females – “Glass House”

Screaming Females refuse to give you a second to relax. On “Glass House,” they demand your full, tense attention with serrated guitar riffs.

Every line sung by Marissa Paternoster is punctuated by chords and drums that slam through a five-count. Throughout the song, her vocals get increasingly intense. She’s gradually overwhelmed by a never-ending avalanche of more. More what? More everything. “My life in this glass house/Impossible to get out,” she belts out, as the music spirals furiously.
In Paternoster’s own words, “Our shrinking world [is] crushed under a deluge of information, constant contact and social media sludge. It has narrowed my connection to reality in a way that I find rather upsetting.”
“Glass House” is the lead single off Screaming Females’ upcoming album, All At Once, out on Feb. 23, 2018.