Song of the Week: Null + Void – “Where I Wait”

The latest track by Kurt Uenala AKA Null + Void is an icy affair.

Dark, distorted electronic beats crawl underneath a straightforward, fragile melody of glassy keys. The synths swim and waver over everything, along with some halting percussion. It’s an easy, but foreboding atmospheric slice. But most notable is who’s on the vocals: Dave Gahan.

The Depeche Mode singer teamed up with Uenala for this track, offering some light to the darkness. His lyrics focus on the love of a relationship, even when your partner isn’t around. “There is comfort here/Where I wait for you/There is sunlight/Shining through,” Gahan sings, his voice having lost none of its richness over the years.

“Where I Wait” appears on Cryosleep, out on Nov. 3.