ARROWVERSE Power Rankings – Week 1

The four series that make up The CW Network’s ARROWVERSE kicked off the 2017-2018 season this week with new episodes to set up new story arcs. But who had the best week? Find out here!

Over the last week, we’ve included a top five list (The Super Cinco) with the recaps of SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH, LEGENDS OF TOMORROW and ARROW. You should check those out to see how we got here. From those four top 5 lists, I’ve put together a Top 10 list of the characters who had the best week.

Each ranking spot will be assigned a point total (10 points for first place, down to 1 point for 10th), and character point totals will be accumulated throughout the season. In May, we will crown our ARROWVERSE Power Ranking champion!

Let’s see how the rankings look for WEEK 1 of the Power Rankings:

  1. Mick Rory / Heat Wave (Legends of Tomorrow) – Mick Rory continues to be one of the most enjoyable parts of LoT every week, and he did not disappoint in the season 3 premiere. With everything going wonky in the world, Mick made his way to Aruba for some R&R, got punched by Julius Caeser and managed to bring the team back together and give it some purpose. A good week for the team’s resident grump. 10 points.
  2. Cisco Ramon / Vibe (The Flash) – Central City’s MVP this week, as he served as the heart of Team Flash while Barry was in the Speed Force. He also managed to bring Barry back, convinced Caitlin to return to the team and even fashioned a new Flash suit. Let’s not forget he also got his naming mojo back by coining the term “Samuroid” for the evil robot ninja that attacked this week. 9 Points.
  3. Dinah Drake / Black Canary (Arrow) – The newest member of Team Arrow proved her worth this week by going toe-to-toe with a dangerous doppelganger, and served as moral support for both Diggle and Quentin Lance. She’s also been more like the comics’ Black Canary in a handful of episodes than Laurel ever was. 8 points.
  4. Curtis Holt / Mr. Terrific (Arrow) – The smartest man in the world kicked off the episode by reprogramming and detonating a bomb with his T-spheres, and continued to use his wits to help the team find Black Siren. He also finally sees the value in Oliver Queen’s training methods, which he complained about for most of last season. 7 points.
  5. Lena Luthor (Supergirl) – The sole representative from Earth-38 this week earned her spot by saving CatCo from the clutches of new evil business magnate Morgan Edge and not wavering in her support of either Supergirl or her alter-ego Kara Danvers, even though Kara has been mopey. 6 Points
  6. Iris West (The Flash) – Iris hasn’t always been a very active member of Team Flash, but while Barry was gone, she stepped up and became an integral part of the unit. She also managed to snap Barry back to himself by getting herself captured when The Flash was a bit off his rocker. 5 points.
  7. Rip Hunter (Legends of Tomorrow) – The man who brought the Legends together spent 5 years becoming the leader of the Time Bureau, a department dedicated to fixing the anachronisms caused by the Legends. But while he tried to dismantle his old team to make things right, he eventually sees their value and sends them off in the Waverider. 4 points.
  8. Laurel Lance / Black Siren (Arrow) – The evil Earth-2 version of Oliver Queen’s ex-girlfriend mysteriously came back from the dead after getting shot by Quentin Lance on Lian Yu and then hit Star City with a vengeance, destroying police headquarters and causing all sorts of trouble for Team Arrow. 3 points.
  9. Barry Allen / The Flash (The Flash) – The lone titular hero to make the Top 10 this week, The Flash came back from his Speed Force prison a little crazy, but he ended the episode faster than ever and free from all of the stuff that’s brought his mood down in past seasons, which should mean a more care-free Barry Allen going forward. 2 points.
  10. Sara Lance / White Canary (Legends of Tomorrow) – She squared off against Caeser, eventually beating the conquerer with the help of Time Bureau’s number 2 and managed to get the Waverider back. 1 point.

Which show’s characters had the best representation this week? Let’s take a look at how the point totals worked out for Week 1 –

Arrow – 18 points
The Flash – 16 Points
Legends of Tomorrow – 15 points
Supergirl – 6 points

What did you think of this week’s episodes? Who was on top of your personal power rankings for the week? Let us know in the comments and be sure to come back next week to see how our heroes (and villains) fare.