Sunday Catch-Up – NYCC Edition

Let’s finish off the weekend with a look at the week that was and the things that are happening in the Geekery world.

It’s the last day of New York Comic-Con, so let’s see what news has come over the last few days.

• The third JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer was released this morning. We get a look at Henry Cavill and Amy Adams, but there is a decided lack of a Superman costume… The trailer looks amaaaazing. Check it out.

The movie is set for a Nov. 17 release.

• During the Walking Dead panel at the Theater at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, creator Robert Kirkman said that the two AMC shows based on the property will cross over… at some point:

“There are two Walking Dead shows. There is one character that is going to go from one show — that I will not name — and appear in the other show — that I will not name.”

• The new YOUNG ANIMAL imprint at DC Comics will get a major push in 2018, as the characters will cross over with the main universe in a crossover in January. The Justice League-Doom Patrol crossover set for Jan. 31 will be called MILK WARS, from Steve Orlando, Gerard Way and Aco.

• Canadian singer The WEEKND will get a new series with Marvel Comics based on the STARBOY persona from the same-titled album.

This Week at the Geekery

• The RETRO MOVIE NERD reviews the Keanu Reeves-Patrick Swayze 1991 classic Point Break.

• Joe’s SONG OF THE WEEK looks at “Honey” by Kehlani.

• This week’s editions of SUBWAY SHORTS looks at the latest issues of Batgirl and Wonder Woman, along with a review of Catwoman’s answer to Batman‘s Proposal.

Coming Up This Week

The return of the CW DC Comics shows means that Joe and I will be reviewing the season premieres of Supergirl on Monday, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday and Arrow on Thursday.