Subway Shorts – Out of this World

The finale of the HARD TRAVELING HERO arc takes Green Arrow from space to the Justice League Watchtower, with some very special guest stars.

Green Arrow 31
Written by Benjamin Percy 
Art by Otto Schmidt

In the last issue, Oliver Queen had Green Lantern Hal Jordan take him into space to take out a satellite that was helping the Ninth Circle control its holdings. But Jordan got knocked out, leaving Ollie a little breathless as he went up against a Ninth Circle beastie.

But that kind of thing doesn’t faze heroes like Hal and Ollie, does it, boys?

Taking out the Ninth Circle, and working with the various members of the Justice League while doing it, has softened the League’s perception of Ollie. They’ve mostly eschewed him since the beginning of the New 52 era and other than a brief stint in Jeff Lemire’s Justice League of America, Green Arrow has been left to his own devices since 2011.

So, this happening…

… is a welcome change to the status quo. Although, it’s probably also not a surprise that Oliver turns down the offer. Well, actually, he throws out a counter-offer: instead of being a full member of the League, Green Arrow wants to be a shadow member, taking care of League business on secret missions instead of on a large scale.

With Oliver’s reputation destroyed – though I imagine members of the League, like the celebrated news reporter, the world ambassador or the playboy billionaire, could probably help that – and his city renamed, it makes sense to give Green Arrow an opportunity to go in a new direction. His first mission will tie in to the Dark Nights: Metal event, because of course it does. And then it’s back Star City for more family drama.