Another week of news has come and gone. Let’s take a look at what’s happened over the last seven days.

With the news earlier this week that DISNEY was looking to cancel it’s deal with Netflix, word came out later that the two are negotiating to leave the Marvel and Star Wars deals in place.

In more streaming news, Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint has signed a first-look deal with Amazon for series development. The Skybound Imprint’s two biggest books already have deals, though. The Walking Dead is a hit for AMC and Invincible is in development with Universal, with Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg (who developed AMC’s PREACHER) behind the film adaptation. Kirkman’s news comes just days after Mark Millar announced that MILLARWORLD had signed a deal with Netflix.

In an interview with CBR, DC Comics co-publisher Dan Didio commented on the company keeping as many books as possible at $2.99:

I think once DC goes to $3.99, it could start a decline in the industry in a way that just makes it unaffordable to people. We put out a lot of books and we sell a lot of product. Everything we do is to try and be more inclusive and bring more people in, not be exclusive. I could give you every reason that we could raise the price — it makes a little bit more money for the retailer, we don’t have to sell as many books. That’s not the right way to go. We have to challenge ourselves to make ourselves better, to have more people reading, than finding ways to have less people buying. $2.99 is a key, important part for this.

Take that how you will.

NINTENDO is being sued by a company called Gamevice, according to a report from EnGadget. the accessory company is claiming that the Nintendo Switch is too similar to Gamevice’s Wikipad gaming tablet.

FORBES is reporting that a lack of OLED displays may lead to a shortage of new generation iPhones after Apple announces their new phone this fall. Shocking, I know. They also report that the new iPhone may ditch the numbering conventions as the company celebrates the 10th anniversary of the phone’s existence.

Talk about this and whatever else is happening right here.