Sunday Catch-up – August 13

Let’s finish off the weekend with a look at the week that was and the things that are happening in the Geekery world.

Reports are emerging that the reshoots that Joss Whedon did on JUSTICE LEAGUE were significant, including possibly changing the ending of the movie, which was rumored to end on a cliffhanger to set up the sequel. But /Film says that is no longer the case and the movie now has a more traditional ending. Take this with a grain of salt, of course.

Sony has announced that Silver & Black – the film featuring Spider-man antiheroes Silver Sable and Black Cat – will hit theaters on February 8, 2019.

DC Comics cancelled a Green Arrow Annual scheduled for release later this month but plans to reschedule it for later this year – closer to Christmas, which is when the comic’s story took place. Why they scheduled the book for August in the first place is beyond me.

Speaking of Green Arrow, Marc Guggenheim, Arrow executive producer, will co-write a novel tying together the end of Season 5 with the beginning of Season 6. The Amazon blurb for Arrow: Fatal Legacies reads:

“The untold story bridging between ARROW seasons 5 and 6, exclusive to this novel! In the devastating aftermath of season five, Team Arrow must resume their mission to protect Star City. Those who have survived Chase’s trap on Lian Yu discover that his plans did not end there. If his legacies aren’t stopped, countless more will die. Co-authored by Arrow series producer Marc Guggenheim and James R. Tuck (Robin Hood: Mark of the Black Arrow).”

At The Geekery This Week:

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