Trailer Thursday – July 27

I’m still catching up on everything that happened at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend. I always get so far behind this time of year.

We’ve already spent some time looking at the new JUSTICE LEAGUE teaser, but there was a good amount of other stuff revealed over the last week. One of the things that got a good amount of buzz was the trailer for READY PLAYER ONE, another Warner Bros. property.

The movie based on the book is set for a 2018 release.

The Netflix adaptation of DEATH NOTE also got an extended trailer during Comic-Con.

Speaking of Netflix, in non-SDCC news, the streaming service released a trailer detailing what’s coming next month.

If you’re a fan of the TRANSFORMERS toy line, and not just the toys associated with the movie franchise, there was a preview of the new POWER OF THE PRIMES toy line.

There’s so much more to explore, but we’ll stick with these for now. But you can discuss anything else you want right here in today’s open thread.