Oliver Queen makes it to our nation’s capital, which allows the ol’ lefty to come out, and he gets to team up with Wonder Woman.

Green Arrow 26
Written by Benjamin Percy 
Art by Jamal Campbell

Oliver is on the road, looking for a way to take down the Ninth Circle, which has already taken Seattle down and turned it into Star City, a city completely free of government ties and regulations. Last issue, Green Arrow teamed up with Barry Allen, where we learned that the Ninth Circle is already connected to Black Hole, the organization tormenting The Flash in Central City.

Now, he’s made it to Washington DC and runs into Wonder Woman. How’d that go for him?

Alright, it’s not the best start, but it could be worse, right?


While they eventually manage to put their differences aside and come together to fight the Ninth Circle, we also get a bit more quasi-political talk from the liberal lion and the icon.

Ollie, of course, can’t allow that kind of thing to go without his a retort of his own.

I’m enjoying Ollie’s trip across America and these team-ups, since he’s been largely in his own little world for a few years now. Getting to see him interact with other heroes has been a refreshing change of pace. I’m certainly looking forward to the next issue, which will take Ollie to Metropolis to challenge Lex Luthor.