It’s shaping up to be another fun week of comics!

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Let’s take a look at what’s in store for me this week:

Dark Horse Comics

Black Hammer 9 – Col. Weird’s sidekick, Talky Walky, gets her own featured issue. 

DC Comics

Action Comics 980
Batgirl 11
Blue Beetle 9
Deathstroke 19 – THE LAZARUS CONTRACT, part 3. 
Detective Comics 957 – A special Spoiler-Centric issue, as Stephanie Brown takes on The Wrath.
The Hellblazer 10
Injustice 2 No. 7
Wonder Woman 23 – Rucka and Sharp conclude their “THE TRUTH” arc.


Ghostbusters 101 No. 3 – The Ghostbusters of two worlds finally meet!