This Week’s Comics – May 10

With about a dozen new comics this week, they are surprisingly all from DC Comics!

Even more surprising, not a one of the books is The Flash and the fourth and final installment of THE BUTTON, which has unfortunately been delayed until next week.

For a complete list of this week’s releases, remember to check out the Previews website.

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Let’s take a look at what’s in store for me this week:

DC Comics

Action Comics 979 – REVENGE kicks off, as the Eradicator, Cyborg Superman, Mongul and Metallo team up.
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey 10
Detective Comics 956
Future Quest 12 – A huge fight for Earth in this final issue.
Gotham Academy: Second Semester 9
Injustice 2 No. 5
New Super-Man 11 – Kenan Kong goes up against the original New Super-Man of China, Super-Man Zero.
Scooby Apocalypse 13
Shade the Changing Girl 8
Supergirl 9
Superwoman 10
Titans 11 – The LAZARUS CONTRACT, a crossover with Teen Titans and Deathstroke, kicks off in this issue. 
Wonder Woman 22