Trailer Thursdays: Cloak & Dagger

The television landscape is inundated with shows based on comic books, and we’ll be getting some more next year, including this one, based on the Marvel property.

After all the success Marvel has had with its movies and the Netflix TV shows, striking a deal to have shows on Freeform – the former ABC Family – seems a bit out of place, but that’s what we’re getting. With a NEW WARRIORS show featuring Squirrel Girl having just been announced, we also got a trailer for the upcoming CLOAK & DAGGER series that was announced last year.

CLOAK & DAGGER follows two teens who, while in the midst of falling in love, gain new powers that they have to learn how to navigate.

That… actually sounds perfect for Freeform, doesn’t it?

The new series will star Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt – who are two people I’ve never heard of – and will debut in 2018.