Well, it’s here – the first trailer for the next installment of the Star Wars saga. Let the speculation about what it all means begin!

We’re about 8 months away from the release of Episode VIII, so we all have plenty of time to pick apart every frame of the latest trailer, which features Rey training (I assume) and more intergalactic battles – Star Wars, if you will. Let’s take a look:

The thing that everyone will focus on, I assume, is the last line in the 2-minute trailer, from the series’ original hero, Mark Hamil’s Luke Skywalker:

“I only know one truth. It’s time for the Jedi to end.”

Very foreboding.

The action in the trailer looks amazing, and I’m betting that what unfold when Rey meets Luke will parallel what happened in Empire Strikes Back with Luke and Yoda. Just a guess, though as long as the story is well done, I won’t mind the retread. I enjoyed The Force Awakens, so I’m guessing I’ll enjoy this.

One interesting choice – no focus on Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia in the trailer. While Fisher died around Christmas last year, she had finished her filming for The Last Jedi. I was expecting her to have a presence in the trailer, if only as a tribute. I guess we’ll see what upcoming trailers have to offer.

But man, that poster is awesome, isn’t it?

Last Jedi Poster

Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi will hit theaters on December 15.