Subway Shorts – Long Road to Rebirth

In the last set of reviews for last week’s releases, The Flash gives hints towards next month’s 4-part crossover between Flash and Batman.

The Flash 19
Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Jesus Merino, Andy Owens and Chris Sotomayor

The latest issue is the end of a two-parter with Flash and Kid Flash getting into a fracas with Flash 19Captain Boomerang Digger Harkness as the Rogue was trying to infiltrate a band of weapons dealers in his role as a member of the Suicide Squad. That little situation is handled quickly, with Kid Flash using some unique powers of blowing things up when he tries to vibrate through things. But the importance of this issue comes from the aftermath of the Boomerang team-up.

Boomerangs are always most dangerous on the back end of its arc, of course.

Digger lets Kid Flash know that his father died during a mission with the Suicide Squad and all hell breaks loose between Kid Flash and his mentor and some secrets that should have probably been revealed a while ago finally get out in the open.

The Flash finally let’s ally in on his secret identity, that Wally’s aunt Iris has been dating the guy who was, in fact, his mentor over the last few months. And while Wally finds solace in finally knowing the truth – and that The Flash also lost a parent when he was a kid – it also ends up raising even more questions that Barry doesn’t seem prepared for. For instance, if he claims to care about Wally’s aunt Iris so much, why hasn’t Barry told HER the secret?

Flash Truth

See? The TV show’s premise of keeping secrets and hurting the ones you love has a basis in the comics!

As Barry explains to Wally about how Eobard Thawne – the Reverse Flash – killed his mother and set him on a path to seeking justice, it’s a perfect segue for what was to come, which is setting up the four-part Flash-Batman crossover, which is supposed to go into the button the pair discovered in the Batcave during the Rebirth special, a button that matches the one The Comedian had in Watchmen.

But we need to tie everything together. One crisis always leads into the next. And there would be no need for Rebirth without…

Flash Flashpoint

Yeeeeeah… Eobard Thawne now wants revenge against the son of the man who killed him during the Flashpoint. The next few issues have been advertised as a story that’s been waiting to be told since the Rebirth special last May, so I’m hoping we get some answers. But I was hoping the same thing for the SUPERMAN: REBORN story, so I guess we’ll see what happens in THE BUTTON.