It’s finally here! The musical crossover between The Flash and Supergirl! Put all your worries about Savitar away for a week. Instead, there’s a new opponent in town. The one and only Music Meister! After the dreariness of last week, this episode gives everyone a chance to shine and have some fun.

After some quick moping around by Barry, thanks to his dumb break-up with Iris last week, the Supergirl crew show up with an unconscious Kara. They are followed quickly by Music Meister, played with delightful glee (ha) by Darren Criss. He puts the whammy on Barry, knocking him into the same musical dreamscape where is Kara. From there, the episode plays out like a mix between Singin’ in the Rain, West Side Story and The Wizard of Oz.

On the latter’s point, this is a who’s who of Flash and Supergirl actors. In this world, the two heroes are singers in a nightclub run by mob boss Malcolm Merlyn. Winn and Cisco work as a piano player and waiter, respectively. But he’s opposed by gangsters Joe and Stein. Their daughter, Iris, is secretly in love with Malcolm’s son, Mon-El. Barry and Kara sing about the fathers letting their children embrace their love, but the two sides go to war instead.

So, does that sound absolutely ridiculous? Yep. Is it the best thing ever? HELL YES IT IS. This is the type of episode that Flash has sorely been missing. Everyone here looks like they’re actually enjoying themselves! The 1920s clothing and accents, the musical puns, the prodigious singing talent of the cast: it’s all amazing! The two heroes have a song called “Super Friends.” What more could you ask for?!

Not only that, but it also advances the plot! It turns out that Music Meister, whatever he is, put all this together to help out Barry/Iris and Kara/Mon-El. With our leads fatally wounded in the dreamscape, Cisco vibes in their significant others. It takes confessions of love from all four to escape the musical. Why did Meister go through all this trouble, including a thrilling fight against Kid Flash and Martian Manhunter? It’s left as a mystery and the chance that he can hopefully return.

Barry and Kara seem to have the best time working out their own respective issues when they’re together. Having so much in common yet being a dimension apart lets them turn to other for help without creating additional drama. It doesn’t hurt that Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist have wonderful chemistry. And speaking of that spark, it looks like Barry’s mom was right. “When you sing, you open up your soul and let who you really are shine through.” It takes one final song from Barry to Iris to make their relationship feel real. The Flash is back on course.

Assorted Thoughts:

– Barry and Kara’s reactions to seeing Mon-El and Iris’ musical doppelgangers kiss is just the best.

– J’onn reveals his Martian Manhunter form to the Flash team. On one hand, they’re hilariously having trouble processing this. But on the other, it’s just another day at the office!

– “Things really are easier in musicals!”

– Kara: “You can just go back in time/and give it another shot!” Barry: “….I’m actually not supposed to do that anymore.”

– Kara: “I think we’ll be okay. Although, if you lie to me again, I will drop a mountain on you.” Mon-El: “You mean figuratively.” Kara: “No, I mean geologically.”