Trailer Thursdays: Doctor Who – Series 10

Next month, Doctor Who finally returns! With its first new season since December 2015, expectations are high.

If the trailer is anything to go on though, it will more than meet them! With companions Bill (Pearl Mackie) and Nardole (Matt Lucas) in tow, the Doctor has a couple of fresh allies in the TARDIS. As this new trailer proves, he may need all the help he can get.
Emoji robots! Mars! Daleks! A water creature that seems connected to the Daleks! And my personal favorites: the classic series Sonic Screwdriver, Missy (played delightfully again by Michelle Gomez) and the MONDAS CYBERMEN from the First Doctor’s last story! We’re digging deep into the past here. Sure, this is Peter Capaldi’s last series as The Doctor and I’m going to miss his performance. But it looks like he’s going to make the best of it and go out with a bang!
Doctor Who returns on April 15, with “The Pilot.”
(h/t Joe Marvilli)