It’s rare that you get a live-action trailer for a new line of comic books, but that’s what we have here. And this trailer smells a little like Teen Spirit…

In December, publisher Fantagraphics announced they would introduce All Time Comics, a new line of superhero books featuring an interconnected universe helmed by cartoonist Josh Bayer and his brother, Samuel Bayer, who directed the video for Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

What else has Samuel Bayer directed? Well, the trailer for the All Time Comics line.

The video features a look at comics characters Bullwhip and Crime Destroyer, played by Denise Schaefer and Lamonica Garrett. Really, all the video needed was a black and white clip of an old man with a mop and I would have been completely sold.

All Time Comics: Crime Destroyer 1 is available now.