This Week’s Comics – Nov. 30

We end November this year as a “fifth week” – months with five Wednesdays usually means the last one lacks some new content. Publishers used to counteract this with “Fifth Week Events” to shore up sales for this quarterly problem. Now, we’re seeing annuals released alongside some other specials.

Let’s take a look at this week’s offerings:

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DC Comics

Batman Annual 1 – a ton of talent came together to tell tales of Gotham at night. 
New Talent Showcase 1 – Graduates of DC Comics’ Talent Developmental Workshop are spotlighted in this $7.99 issue. 
Superman Annual 1 – Superman vs. Swamp Thing in a battle I never thought I’d see.
Wacky Raceland 6 – The first Hanna Barbera revamp title to reach its final issue.

Archie Comics

Jughead 11 – The battle of wits with Sabrina continues. 

IDW Comics

Ghostbusters International 11 – Another final issue? Say it ain’t so!

DC Comics is also releasing the 10th issue of Bryan Hitch’s and Tony Bedard’s Justice League America. This is not to be confused with the Rebirth Justice League book Hitch is writing. Oh no, this is still Hitch’s pre-Rebirth story where the Justice League is battling Kryptonian Sun God Rao. I can’t believe DC Comics is STILL releasing this book. One of it’s main stars, the New 52 Superman, IS DEAD! Green Lantern Hal Jordan is pure energy trapped in a ring. Just release it as a collected edition with bonus content! I’m not paying $3.99 for a book so far out of everything else DC is doing.