Supergirl – Medusa


Kara Zor-El is headed off into the Multiverse to try and help The Flash, Green Arrow and the Legends fight the Dominators, but first, she has her own problems to deal with in National City.

The CW was really pushing this episode of Supergirl as the opening of the 4-night crossover event, but there’s really only a couple minutes of the show that tie in, and those moments that feature Barry and Cisco are repeated in Tuesday’s Flash. But, it gives Supergirl her own part of the promo poster, so I guess it’s all good.

No, you guys come in later! 

Before Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon – The Flash and Vibe – pop in to what is apparently Earth 38 from their own world, Kara has to stop Cyborg Superman from stealing a dangerous isotope from L Corp and Cadmus from unleashing a virus that will kill all the aliens in National City. Supergirl succeeds in the first part, which you would think would eliminate the second part. Unfortunately, Lena Luthor hands the isotope over to the leader of Cadmus – her mother, Lillian – to allow her plans to move forward.

Well, kind of. There’s a swerve. You should watch the episode.

The attack on the aliens of National City comes from a plan developed by Kara’s father, Zor-El, to protect Krypton from alien invaders, called Project Medusa. The Kryptonians and the Supergirl writers are terrible with project names. If you’re going to call something “Medusa,” don’t you think something like this should happen?


Nope, we don’t get Melissa Benoist with snakes in her hair. Total shame.

Oh hey. Project Medusa was created as a means to kill invading aliens. Supergirl is getting involved in a battle with invading aliens on another Earth! How about that? What a coincidence! I wonder if that will come in to play later this week… Or maybe Felicity or Sara will end up with snakes in her hair. I wonder which one is more likely.

Anyway, there’s a lot of set-up here, especially in the opening scene. Danvers mom Eliza is at Kara’s place with Alex, Winn, James and Mon-El for Thanksgiving. Eliza tells Kara that Mon-El likes Kara (Moms can tell these things, Eliza tells Kara); James and Winn contemplate telling Kara that James is the Guardian; and Alex tries to tell her mom that she’s gay. Everything goes haywire when a breach interrupts dinner and then we cut to the DEO, and we’re supposed to believe everyone sat in silence once the breach burps in and then disappears.

Two of those things get paid off by the end: Mon-El kisses Kara while he’s recovering from a noxious gas attack in the Alien bar that killed everyone but him; and Eliza tells Alex that she loves her daughter no matter what. Still not sure why Alex was being such a jerk to Kara at the start of the episode, though…

There really wasn’t all that much to discuss with this episode, as it really just set the table for the INVASION! crossover that kicks off in earnest with the Flash. At the very least, if you only watch Supergirl, you got a fell episode and a tease to get involved with something more.

Stay tuned to the Geekery all week for more INVASION! recaps.