I love new comic book day! Except for when I get to the check-out. DC Comics’ twice-a-month schedule here is pretty costly, but at least I always have something to read!

DC Comics – Rebirth

Action Comics 966
Batgirl 4
Blue Beetle 2
Detective Comics 943 – New story arc, “The Victim Syndicate” kicks off.
The Flash 9 – A rare one-and-done story where Wally West meets Wally West.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 7 – The first story arc, “Sinestro’s Law,” finally comes to an end. 
The Hellblazer 3
Titans 4
Wonder Woman 9

DC Comics – Other

Future Quest 6
Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special – New art and stories from creators celebrating Diana through the years. 

Archie Comics

Jughead 10 – Jughead goes up against Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

So, there’s my stash up for reviews this week as I ride home on the subway. Still up for reading and review from last week are the first issue of the new Dirk Gently miniseries and the latest issue of Dark Knight III.

Pass: There were a few issues I had to skip this week, because comics are expensive and when I have 12 comics, including a $7.99 Wonder Woman special, something’s got to give. Maybe I’ll revisit some of these at another time, but for now, these books aren’t getting my money:

X-Files: Origins 3 – I’ve been on the fence with this the whole time and, when I saw the new issue was out this week, I realized I just didn’t care.

Batman Beyond 1 – I may have to turn around and pick up this and the Rebirth issue, as Dan Jurgens is writing the book, but I never had the connection to Terry McGinnis and Batman Beyond that others my age developed.

Teen Titans 1 – I have really enjoyed Benjamin Percy’s writing on Green Arrow and, normally, I would follow him over to this book, too, but I really dislike Damian Wayne as a character and I really have no connection to this collection of Teen Titans.

Vigilante: Southland 1 – Another book I may come back around on, considering that Vigilante will be a big part of the new season of Arrow, and I don’t know much about the character… Even though this book has a different man behind the mask.