How about we start the work week with three books from three different publishers that have some odd stuff going on. Today focuses on Titans 2, Weird Detective 3 and Ghostbusters International 8.

Titans 2
Written by Dan Abnett
Pencils by Brett Booth
Inks by Norm Rapmund

So, the solicitation text for this issue seems to be a bit off from the reality of what was inside. The copy for the issue reads “As the Titans prepare to do the unthinkable in order to defeat the intergalactic demon that stole time itself from the DC Universe, enter the Fearsome Five! But are the sinister quintet acting of their own accord…or are greater forces at work?” But the Fearsome Five the Titans face aren’t the team of villains to which we’re accustomed.

Instead, we see the team go up against magical constructs created by Wally West’s nemesis Abra Kadabra. The constructs are younger versions of the Titans, using the team’s powers and abilities against them. We also see Wally’s pre-Flashpoint girlfriend/wife Linda Park struggle to figure out the connection she has with Wally.

Since we are only on the second issue of the new book, we’re still experiencing the rising action of the story, so we leave off with a cliffhanger affecting one of the members of the team.

The promise of the book, when it was offered as part of DC’s Rebirth, was that Wally was going to join his friends to search for the entity responsible for the loss of time everyone experienced and the changes that enacted. But we aren’t really getting movement on that, and I’m hoping Abnett doesn’t stretch out any big reveals for a series of red herrings.

Weird Detective 3 
Written by Fred Van Lente 
Art by Guiu Vilanova

In this third issue, we have mobsters who are fish, an exploding barge of fireworks and a police detective who happens to be an alien, hiding away from his partner, who is trying to figure out why her partner is so weird. Fred Van Lente has taken a police procedural – something I am definitely drawn to – and spliced it together with a horror story, and the combination ends up being a bit wacky.

Previous issues have seen people’s skins being emptied and protagonist Det. Sebastian Greene having in-depth conversations with his cat. Here, we see his partner, Sana Fayez, take down a major crime boss, only for the pair of them to be downgraded to beat cops, because they made the city look bad. And we get a tease at what’s to come as we end the issue in the basement of an old lady. Because that’s where monsters come from in the City.

It’s been a fine ride so far, so we’ll see how nutty this story gets.

Ghostbusters International 8
Written by Erik Burnham 
Art by Dan Schoening 

Here’s why I love this series: While investigating the disappearance of Egon, the Ghostbusters determine that the only person that can be of use to find him is Egon himself. Quite the pickle, no? Well, just pop on over into an alternate reality and get the Real Ghostbusters version of Egon to interpret what needs to be done. Because how else would you figure this out?

After a series of adventures in Europe, the Ghostbusters are back in New York City and we’re setting up the next adventure for the group, which seems to involve a copious level of deception from the benefactor who has been keeping the Ghostbusters afloat since they went international.

Erik Burnham is clearly having a lot of fun with this series, and it makes every issue very enjoyable for long-time fans of the franchise. I can only imagine things are going to get really wacky as this current story continues.