Expanding the Archie-verse, Another Sabrina Show In Development

The CW has established itself as the home of hour-long shows based on comic book characters, and it looks to continue to expand that roster. But instead of adding to the “Arrowverse,” based on the DC Comics characters, we may get a new show with ties to RIVERDALE.

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WTF – Jughead Eats a Burger

The CW’s RIVERDALE, a dark adaptation of the classic Archie Comics characters, finished its first season last week. Taking the usually clean-cut characters in a direction David Lynch would have enjoyed, the show had a lot of controversial takes on the kids.

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Riverdale – Chapter One: The River’s Edge

The CW is going pretty full-on with adaptations. Last night it debuted it’s latest series, a classic series with a modern twist and it’s somewhat blown my mind.

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New Trailer Shows Dark ‘Riverdale’

When Archie Comics announced almost two years ago that it was going to update its main characters for a new comic book line, there was a lot of hesitation over whether a modern Archie could work. That’s going to pale in comparison to what’s coming next month.

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