The CW’s RIVERDALE, a dark adaptation of the classic Archie Comics characters, finished its first season last week. Taking the usually clean-cut characters in a direction David Lynch would have enjoyed, the show had a lot of controversial takes on the kids.

Perhaps the issue where people took the most umbrage, however, was the lack of burgers eaten by one Forsythe P. “Jughead” Jones III. Usually obsessed with the tasty treats, Jughead was more focused on the mysterious death looming over the town.

Thankfully, the show’s producers have corrected that oversight with this video, released earlier this week:


That’s Jughead portrayer Cole Sprouse sensually enjoying a burger, to the point where it’s more than a little uncomfortable.

If you missed out on the show (see a review of the first episode HERE), RIVERDALE will debut on Netflix on May 18, thanks to the CW’s new deal that brings its shows to the streaming service two weeks after the end of the season.