Subway Shorts – Crossovers and Clashes

Our final look at last week’s comics sees a pair of Gotham City’s fiercest end up in Riverdale for a wacky showdown in Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica. Meanwhile, Lois Lane’s meeting with Deathstroke leads to a battle with the Man of Steel in Superman.

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Subway Shorts – Family Time

In this edition, Supergirl spends some quality time with her cousin while Wonder Woman’s enemy, Veronica Cale, searches for a way to help her daughter. And in the first issue of the Injustice 2 tie-in web comic, Harley Quinn finds a new family.

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WTF: Bad Comic Romances

When your life span covers decades of stories, a writer looking to do something new might try out a relationship from out of left field to try and shock readers. Or sometimes, the couplings just don’t mix well and it forces you to say “WTF?” when you read it.

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DC Rebirth Misses


It’s been about 15 weeks since DC Comics released Rebirth – the general close to the 5-year mission of the New 52. So as we’ve just passed the 100 days mark, I thought I would take a look at the line. Over the next couple of days, I’ll be discussing what I’ve enjoyed over the last 100 days and what I haven’t.

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Movie Review – Suicide Squad

The newest volume of the the new DC Comics Cinematic Universe was expected to be a mess, then after a series of reshoots, there were high hopes. But those didn’t last long once the movie was released, even though it still did well at the box office. But was it really any good?

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