Subway Shorts – Heroes and Fat Cats

Oliver travels to Metropolis to confront Lex Luthor in Green Arrow and General Zod’s end game is revealed as his revenge squad battles Team Superman in Action Comics. Plus, more reviews!

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Subway Shorts – Reshaping Reality

The Man of Steel is still dealing with the ramifications of what Mxyzptlk did to him, both in Superman and Trinity, while Green Arrow deal with villains who want to reshape Seattle into something else, into someplace else.

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Subway Shorts – Together Again

Family reunions are a big theme in today’s edition, as we take a look at the first issue of Jeff Lemire’s new book, Royal City, which focuses on a writer returning home after his father has a stroke. The second review looks at the latest issue of Green Arrow (a character Lemire used to write), where Oliver Queen reunites with his former ward, Roy Harper, for the first time in a long time.

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WTF: Bad Comic Romances

When your life span covers decades of stories, a writer looking to do something new might try out a relationship from out of left field to try and shock readers. Or sometimes, the couplings just don’t mix well and it forces you to say “WTF?” when you read it.

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