Subway Shorts – Remember

We finish off the week of comic books with a couple heroes trying to gain access to their memories. Superman attempts to make sense of his origin after the REBORN story in Action Comics, while the Demon’s Head urges Batman to access his memory in Detective Comics. In The Flash, Barry and Iris have a bit of an issue while a mole is suspected at STAR Labs.

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Subway Shorts: Strange Bedfellows

New alliances are about to get forged in today’s edition, but we’re apparently not quite ready for that to happen just yet. Two different teams are about to meet in Ghostbusters 101 and Batman may have to join up with an enemy in Detective Comics.

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Subway Shorts – Come and Fight

With all the battles that happen in comics week-to-week, the one that got me most excited this week was the showdown between Orphan – Cassandra Cain’s new identity – and her mother, Lady Shiva, in the latest issue of Detective Comics.

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Subway Shorts – Nov. 1

The final set of comics for the week focuses on the Trinity and their continuing adventures. Action Comics tells the tale of two Lois Lanes; a new adventure kicks off in Detective Comics; and Wonder Woman continues to deal with Diana’s inability to find Paradise Island.

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Subway Shorts – September 16, 2016

I know that tomorrow is technically Batman Day, but we’re going to do a Bat-themed Subway Shorts today. Well, really, it’s mostly centered around Tim Drake, Batman’s third Robin, currently Red Robin and leader of the Teen Titans. We’re gonna look at Detective Comics 940, Teen Titans 24 and – in the non-Red Robin category – Batgirl and the Birds of Prey 2.

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Subway Shorts – September 2, 2016

We’re finishing up with the overflow from last week in today’s edition. The final two books from last Wednesday’s pull feature the World’s Finest – Batman and Superman – in the two oldest books DC Comics publishes. They also happen to be two of the best books DC Comics is publishing under the DC Rebirth umbrella.

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