Geekery Saturday – NYCC Edition

With new information coming out of New York City’s Javits Center about every other minute this weekend during New York Comic Con, let’s take a look at some of the more exciting items that have been announced so far.

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Subway Shorts – The Great and Powerful Oz

DC Comics’ two oldest series give us some insight into Mr. Oz, now revealed as Jor-El, who has been keeping tabs on heroes and villains since last year. In Action Comics, he tries to show Superman that Earth isn’t worthy of him. Over in Detective Comics, Red Robin Tim Drake tries to outmaneuver the man who has kept him a prisoner.

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Superman Saves Immigrants; The Right Is Not Pleased

Superman’s saving of a group of immigrants caused a Fox News radio host to lose his mind over his being a “propaganda tool for the defenders of illegal aliens.”

And I thought it was going to be the reveal of the mysterious Mr. Oz that was going to have people talking in that issue.

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Subway Shorts – Heroes and Fat Cats

Oliver travels to Metropolis to confront Lex Luthor in Green Arrow and General Zod’s end game is revealed as his revenge squad battles Team Superman in Action Comics. Plus, more reviews!

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Know Your Villains: Manchester Black

As Rebirth seeks to set things down a new, yet familiar, path for DC Comics, we have the opportunity to meet characters again for the first time. Last week, a Superman villain created more than a decade ago made his return, and I am very excited about that.

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Subway Shorts – Remember

We finish off the week of comic books with a couple heroes trying to gain access to their memories. Superman attempts to make sense of his origin after the REBORN story in Action Comics, while the Demon’s Head urges Batman to access his memory in Detective Comics. In The Flash, Barry and Iris have a bit of an issue while a mole is suspected at STAR Labs.

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10 Things I’d Do If I Ran DC or Marvel Comics – Part 2

Previously in 10 Things I’d Do If I Ran DC Or Marvel Comics: I’d reduce the number of books being published from 70-100 to a mere 25. No character or team would have more than one book at a time. Giant crossover events are OVER. And continuity would become a thing of the past.

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