Trailer Thursdays – October 12

It’s once again time to take a look at some of the trailers that catch my as we look to the future to see what will entertain us in the coming months.

We’ll kick things off this week with the trailer everyone is talking about this week. On Monday night, we got our first glimpse at STAR WARS EPISODE VIII – THE LAST JEDI. Let’s take another look at the first trailer for the latest installment in the saga.

Much like THE FORCE AWAKENS harkened back to the first movie, this trailer has a similar vibe to THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. We’ll see how similar it is on December 14.

Premiering last week at New York Comic Con was a trailer for the 11th season of the X-FILES.

The new season will start in January on Fox.

Sticking with TV series, Hulu’s new series CASTLE ROCK will take the stories of author Stephen King and intertwine the characters and themes from the fictional town. We got our first trailer from the Hulu original earlier this week.

Castle Rock is set to debut in 2018.

Based on the story by Neil Gaiman, HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES is a movie about an alien touring the galaxy who breaks away from her group and meets two young inhabitants of the most dangerous place in the universe: the London suburb of Croydon.

The movie stars Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman and Stephen Campbell Moore and is set to be released on December 1.

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    1. Eh, a next gen reboot would work out of Carter’s hands. As is, some good stuff last year but mostly forgettable, somewhat insulting ending. Couldn’t give two shits about William though so probably won’t like most of this season. Hopefully the monster of the week eps hit big

      1. What a complete waste of a season. Won 102 games and completely shit the bed in the post season.

        The last time they lost even 2 games in a row was August 23rd.

        SHIT. THE. BED.

      1. It’s okay. I know you needed it more. What with the 765 other championships and everything. But 766, that’s the most important one.

  1. So Pearl’s first day of class is Monday. She has ordered the books for overnight delivery, gotten her student loans together, and wants to go buy a new desktop PC and laptop this weekend.

    I guess this is happening.

          1. I don’t think that is what we’re looking for, but I’ll do some comparisons.

            “Does this have an i7 CPU?”

            “No sir, it plays Itsy Bitsy Spider, and you learn your alphabet.”

            “Close enough! We’ll take it!”

  2. I think what’s really important to remember is that the racist team lost last night.

    Nobody is really sure why the Cubs dislike black people so much, but it seems I disputable.

  3. Can’t name a soul from the Astros last world series team. TBF I can’t name anyone on the White Sox either except the manager. That series should be stricken from the books

    1. Hmmm. Astros-Biggio, Bagwell, Berkman, Clemens, pettite, Wagner and that’s all
      White Sox-Konerko, Thomas, Berhlie and i have no idea

      1. Biggio and Bagwell were still there? Didn’t they join the team in the 80s? Don’t even remember Clemens being there. Thought Frank Thomas was gone by then too. This only solidifies my original stance.

  4. I hate Cleveland. What a shit town full of shitty people except Mikey. What a dive of a town where their teams just shit out every orifice. Just fuck you, Cleveland, you town of losers.

    I’m mad. I didn’t mean that.

      1. I love Cleveland. I’m just mad at Cleveland right now. I’ll get over it and continue to suffer like everyone else from Northeast Ohio.

          1. Yes, they were a good team. Just like the Mariners were a good team in 01′. I’m sure Marv still feels good about how that season ended 16 years later.

  5. Rose McGowan temporarily blocked from Twitter after Weinstein tweets….That’s an amazing look with the vast amounts of shit on Twitter that that is what they crack down on

    1. It’s a total slippery slope type deal. If she violated their terms then so be it, but what about the million bots, trolls and assholes out there? Are you only subject to their rules if you have a minimum number of followers?

      1. And even if you go for “we can realistically only maintain famous people” there’s a yuge moronic elephant in the room there

        1. Exactly. I think the unspoken thing with Trump is that if they suspend his account, it feeds into his victim complex which potentially makes the situation worse and they don’t want to do that.

          1. Of course.

            With Kyrie, without Lebron:
            2011-12: 21 wins
            2012-13: 24 wins
            2013-14: 33 wins

            With Lebron:
            2014-15: 53 wins
            2015-16: 57 wins
            2016-17: 51 wins


    1. I think we got bid up by 16k when we bought our place.

      The other buyers actually made a final bid that I was ready to walk away from but it was only a couple of grand higher and the seller was a family and they liked us because we were planning on keeping it a family home while the other buyer was just investing.

      1. damn. 16k up. :/ Hopefully we’ve already priced out these bastards (who are probably just a lovely young couple with cats like us)

          1. Damn. The Nottingham market isn’t great in the nicer areas. House prices in general in the UK just keep going up and up with no end in sight

    1. The Nats are trotting out Gio Gonzalez who throws 60 pitches in two innings… follow him up is Tanner Roark, who failed as a relief pitcher but hey…you have to have five starters….Unless the Nats score a ton early this probably won’t be pretty for them

    1. I will be checking this show out, I believe. I have never read the comics. But then again, haven’t really read any comics.

      1. It’s better to watch the first season, pick up one of those drug store collections and just be horrified at what the source material is.

        1. Marv can’t make me feel like killing myself. No one can.

          Only the brownies in the cafeteria downstairs can do that.

          1. Maybe. Depends on if we are still going upward, or if we regress. Can’t tell yet. I’m assuming we have players to pay. That’s usually when we start sucking.

          2. And my original comment wasn’t about whether or not you’re afraid of anyone or can handle pressure. More that Marv – who I consider a dear friend, for the record – can admittedly be a terrible person.

  6. The Daily Hollywood Headline Roundup:

    As Ferrari mentioned last night Victor Garber is leaving the CW DCvrse and the Legends of Tomorrow show some time this season. He is heading back to the stage for a production of Hello Dolly with Bette Midler.

    Sony is planning a Settlers of Catan movie…because #LOLSony

    The new Halloween movie wrote by Danny McBride is said to be a direct sequel of the original and will ignore the other films.

    Movie’s Anywhere has launched. five of the six major studios (– Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Twentieth Century Fox Film, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros.) are apart of this with the major digital retailers (Amazon, Google, Itunes and Vudu) allowing you to access any of your eligible digital content through Movies Anywhere. Movies Anywhere syncs users libraries across the accounts of all the companies listed above and playable through any of the usual platforms including Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android devices, Android TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and popular browsers

    Fault in Our Star director Josh Boone is set to adapt Stephen King’s The Talisman for Amblin Entertainment. Boone is set to start work on this after he finishes X-men: The New Mutants. Collect your reward if you tagged 2017 as the year Stephen King became to hollywood what Superheros have been for the past decade.

    CBS films has moved up Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built. a “true story” Horror movie starting Hellen Mirren

    Gal Gadot is in talks to star in Ruin a “gritty period revenge-thriller in which a nameless ex-Nazi captain navigates the ruins of post-WWII Germany” This is from the director of Macbeth (good) and Assassin’s Creed (bad).

    Also The Atlantic Columnist Ta-Nehisi Coates is going to write a Storm comic for Marvel. He previously wrote a year and half on Black Panther that people seemed to like.

    That’s the latest Hot Gos from Hollyweird. #RIP Indians edition / I am shocked and disturbed by the news on Harvey Weinstein and had no previous knowledge of any such activity edition.

    1. I like that the new Halloween movie ignores the Rob Zombie ones but sad that it ignores the other sequels which deserve more respect

  7. ” I sincerely apologise for groping a woman after keeping quiet about it for 14 years and only acknowledging it after the news spread online. Please accept my totally sincere apology “

  8. Now James Van Der Beek says he’s had his grabbed by older men in Hollywood? When will this madness stop?

    You know, maybe Hollywood IS a wretched den of sin and inequity and we should all just stop glorifying everyone involved with it…

    1. It’s almost as if having control over materials that allow workers to produce allows you to exploit them.

    2. The stories are as old as that town. There are a few good people, but most of them aren’t the real movers and shakers, and odds are we’ll never hear the names of those who are.

      And this is pre-scientology. Don’t get me started on those fucks.

  9. With everything going wrong in the world, the Feds taking down college basketball, shoe companies and AAU is the best thing going. I hope they end up blowing the whole thing up

    1. I’m choosing to read this as you saying that when you work on the roundup it’s the only time you don’t grope other people

      1. So audrey……….she can’t be like in a veggie state from the explosion right? she banged evil cooper some time after that and popped out the nightmare that is Richard Horne. Is in the lodge in some way? Evil Coop have her locked up?

        1. I don’t know, really. it’s implied somewhere that Evil Coop may have raped her while she was in the coma because thats the kind of guy he is. it’s possible that whole thing cracked her mentally and she may be out of the coma but in whatever institution

          1. I think it had to be a rape while she was in the coma, I think if it was any other way Audrey would have told people Cooper was the father

  10. Well since no one wanted to talk about anything but my typo

    I think that Movie’s anywhere thing is a good idea and a step in the right direction for digital content going forward.

    also…………..Settlers of Catan movie…:SMH:

  11. It’s amazing going from to and looking at the difference in coverage and how things are worded. Even in the news – not the editorials – everything is worded one way or the other.

    News just used to be news. Now it’s almost branded depending on who’s sending out the news.

    1. I’m old enough to be amused at how language has changed during my lifetime.


      Illegal aliens are now undocumented immigrants.

      Shellshocked has morphed into PTSD, and there was another term or two in between I’ve forgotten.

      That’s all I have right now. The immigrant thing irritates me, but not as much as CA’s bill to give them money and sanctuary.

  12. You had an idea that Rather and Brokaw were liberals, but they never conveyed that in an obvious way. They just reported the news.

      1. Eh, that was late game “i’m probably dying sooner than later” Rather. I think he kept it up pretty well for 40-ish years before that

    1. I love Worst. He’s the greatest bit that blog has ever seen, just a dude that hold a mirror up to the place like “Behold…this is how you all act every Tuesday morning.”

      And then people don’t get it. I mean granted Wavy is dumb as fuck but still…I don’t know how Worst could make it more obvious.

          1. That’s the bit! He watches it as much as anyone else and then rails on how bad it sucks because it’s all an impression of the BoD. It’s fucking hilarious.

          2. Yes! That’s why it’s so great. And he gets the whole place riled up by…acting exactly like the whole place. I find it funny as fuck, particularly because it’s been going on so long and no one has figured it out yet.

  13. I enjoy that Trump just signed an executive order allowing for people to find health care over state lines.

    Why I enjoy this is because he basically just signed what is essentially a federal order taking away less rights from the state, and he’s a republican. LOL


    1. Also, insurance companies don’t have the infrastructure to go out of their own state. They’d have to set up offices to meet with hospitals to get deals going… there’s a lot of nuance there. The exec order isn’t worth the paper it was signed on.

      1. Not at all, Louise works for an insurance company and when she gets calls for say Illinois or Kentucky she has no idea, none of that info is anywhere for her.

      1. Like, I kinda understand the parody of him being a tech billionaire and him dressing that way despite being old, but the voice just kills the character

  14. Since I linked my google play, amazon video and still waiting on vudu to work I was able to get the following digital movies for FREE! The Lego Movie, Big Hero 6, Jason Bourne, Ice Age and the new Ghostbusters movie Extended Edition.

  15. The Movies Anywhere thing would be amazing if they took a page out of the music side of things book and just scanned for you having a digital copy and letting you access their copies instead. (Looks ruefully at my terrabytes of movies on an external)

  16. “Affleck Groping Could Put ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ in Jeopardy…” ha hah aha h ha haha hahahhahahahahahah ah ah haha hah

      1. is a new digital service that links your vudu, amazon video, google play, itunes accounts into one place to stream the movies.

        1. Ooooooooh that sounds interesting, if for no other reason than maybe I won’t end up buying the same damn movie on separate services (proud owner of two versions of Deadpool lol)

  17. If South Korean women are half as hot as the ones in those K-pop videos,I might have to book a trip to Seoul soon.

      1. Ferrari said if your team did the Indians what Yankees did last night you would have already drove Matt to suicide. Matt said that would not be the case claiming you could not drive him to suicide. We all figured that once you were challenged this would not end well for Matt

        1. I don’t think so. I think Matt would’ve been happy for me. My team didn’t break 20 years of baseball because they wouldn’t stop buying every player they could.

          1. I have a way more stable mind than Danimal.

            Except when it comes to Nutter Butters, of which I have just partaken. Delicious.

          1. yes………..I did not actually thing you meant that.. or that Marv would actually drive Matt to suicide.. or that when challenged he would drive Matt to suicide either. I just thought it was all funny.. including your comment which I’m now getting called dim for liking. I also liked that we both to a degree seem to react to uh oh Marv’s been challenged.

  18. The CNN front page continues to be mental: The cabinet is talking about invoking the 25th amendment, the President is forgetting to sign executive orders at the ceremony to sign an executive order and women are complaining that Ben Affleck paid attention to them.

    We’re only 10 months in haha, normal is going to be so weird by the time this is over.

    1. CNN will never go back. No matter how normal we get in the future, as long as Zucker is in charge, they’re going full crazy.

  19. Well Weinstein seems to be doing well

    Harvey Weinstein tried to flag down a passing motorist and flee his daughter Lily’s home after the two argued on Wednesday

    Once he returned to the house, Lily reportedly called authorities to say her father was ‘suicidal and depressed’

      1. I swear I’d have become her biggest fan if she just responded to that with something like “Hey money’s money.” Haha, she’d have instantly become more loved than she could possibly imagine.

          1. The obvious bit here would be to have McKinnon or whatever go on next week and wonder why she wasn’t hot enough to assault but something tells me they won’t be going after Weinstein.

  20. LOL! Friend has been without Internet for 3 weeks after moving and Spectrum/Time Warner/Charter refuses to come set up service. Finally he sends out some angry Tweets and they contact him saying they’ll bump him to first priority today… if he removes the negative tweets.

    I told him to screencap that shit (if it was online) and keep tweeting

          1. Oh, he was pretty entertaining for the most part. He wrote pretty dry, and provided pictures. It was fun for awhile. He got progressively worse as it went on.

            Kind of the old hat of “Noticing people like something and run it into the ground”.

            Then he got in fights with everyone and that was that. I’m sure he’s still over at the BoD sometimes under a different name.

  21. So as I was looking at a Harvey story I saw Britney returns to stage for first time since shooting. I was curious what she was looking like on stage these days. She looks fine all things considered but well.. take a look at the outfits.

    She’s popped out kids I get it but every outfit is so blatantly trying to be as sexy as possible while desperately trying pull in and cover up her midsection.

    Not out to shame her just kind of funny every out fit has this elaborate set of straps to hid and pull at her tummy

  22. Ok if you have digital movies spread over vudu, amazon video and itunes. I highly recommend you sign up for

    It gets the Facts seal of approval.

  23. Weinstein is “suicidal?”

    Another Hillary friend “commits suicide” ??? Here’s the Youtube video the LIBERAL AGENDA and CORRUPT MEDIA doesn’t want you to see!!!!!

      1. Right now they’re still freaking out about the note the Vegas shooter left that is clearly seen in the picture but the FBI is hiding because they don’t want to admit the note is about Antifa. I’m not even kidding, I’ve been checking in on Alex every day this week lol

          1. Yeeeep. The LVPD released some scene pics to the Guardian or whoever and in them there’s a piece of paper on a table so obviously that’s a lengthy suicide note explaining the conspiracy that forced this man to do it. It’s all there when you think about it cuck.

          1. The left in general should feel like an idiot. The question is whether anyone learns from it. I haven’t seen a pussy hat protest since February so I’m guessing we did not.

          2. I’m still hoping for Michelle to ride in on a unicorn and run for the lols and annihilate everyone in 2020

          3. Cumia linked to a Fallon segment from just a week or so ago that was Female Writers From Fallon Tell Clinton On Air How Much She Means To Them that sounded dismal

        1. I love this tweet that went viral before the first anti-Trump womens march from some Hillarybot that was like “I know that Hillary will march with us because she believes in us, she won’t make a big deal of it but she’ll be there <3" and then in her book its like "I watched the march on TV and was like where you were when IIIIIIII needed you smh"

    1. Why are they still together? Well, I guess it’s no point in divorcing now. The Clintons are an 0-7 team just playing out the season.

      1. That’s the book the world really wants to read. It’s gotta be like 1,000 pages of Anthony Bourdaine No Reservations style banging, “And then I was so bored I decided to try pussy in the jungles of Burma…”

          1. Oh I’m sure plenty of people have done it but I want a book written by Bill. I bet he has Secret Service code names for all his hos and I bet they’re all amazing

  24. A Bill Clinton Philanderin’ Round The World book would be like the J. Peterman catalog of infidelity.

    “You most likely know it as Myanmar, but it will always be Burma to me.”

  25. I belonged to a Michelle Obama 2020 group on Facebook like 6 months ago, and all they posted was shit about Trump, so I left the group.

    Facebook is the worst. I shouldn’t follow anything except cute animal pictures and my aunt.

  26. I’m now considering the possibility that Trump actually has no short-term memory capacity anymore, and he truly thinks the news is fake because he doesn’t remember saying or doing anything they report.

    1. I’m telling you, this was all a ploy by the Trump kids to get Crazy Ass Donald out the business:

      2015: Dad, you should totally run for President, we’ll take care of the business!
      2016: Shit, he actually WON?!? Well, this plan backfired!

  27. So does that book mean she’s not running again? Because it sounds like she went for scorched earth rather than self-reflection and growth.

  28. So it looks like Melania has decided to be the Invisible First Lady, just staying in the background and not saying shit. That’s something that hasn’t been done since Mamie Eisenhower.

    1. Except when Ivana said she was really first lady. Then Melania’s people said she doesn’t know shit and Melania’s the power of the white house. All those people suck

    2. Honestly I feel bad for her. She just wanted to live the American dream and be hot and have some rich annoying guy pay for everything. She never signed on for all this nonsense with half the earth hating her family and her kids having to have security details and shit.

  29. Canadian husband of American woman ‘refuses to board US plane in fear he will be punished for his previous marriage to a terror suspect’ after being rescued in Pakistan with their three young children following five years in Taliban captivity.

    ‘Merica 2017, Pakistan’s better than this!

    1. I love that they kept spitting out kids while in Taliban captivity. I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me in the mood like being abducted and held by terrorists in a third world country.

  30. LOL They’re attacking the Fake Facebook pages

    “Just take a computer, start writing horrible things about people on Facebook and then present it as reality!”

    1. Morris allegedly hit the manager twice with his car when the man tried to block his escape, according to a police report. …what the fuck, for a fucking McDonalds job and a soda? Fuccccccccck that

      1. Plus, is the dollar drinks national? How much cheaper would the water be than a dollar? Wonder if it was some stupid frat stunt. Mugshot looks douche-bro-y

    2. All that for $2?

      Then again, I’ve found most McDonald’s managers are crazy. There’s a indoctrination process that rewires their brains so they are insanely loyal to the Arches.

  31. I started my morning by listening to MC Hammer. That’s the best decision I’ve made this year! I feel bad for everyone turning on Hammer.

    1. I love that he had this billion dollar house but he just couldn’t sell it because it was designed full of crap that only MC hammer could possibly like

  32. Fianlly went through the wedding photos, even though Louise hasn’t. I found 25 that i like out of hundreds….good enough for me

  33. At first I wasn’t crazy about how they were writing Launchpad in the new Ducktales until I realized that he essentially took over Donald’s role in the original cartoon and thus is somewhat redundant now that Donald is back. So making him complete and total comedy relief was really the only way to go, I guess.

    1. Yeah, since they are playing Donald off as more than a doofus. I personally could do without the return of the Beagle Boys

  34. Know what’s weird? Going to a dead person’s Facebook page. Can’t articulate what exactly is weird. It just is

    1. It’s weird because you can see a person’s life chugging along and then just…nothing. I mean it sounds completely ridiculous but I almost feel like it would be less weird if there was a “Ok I’m dead now guys, take care of yourselves YOLO” final posting lol

      1. You’re right. There is no closure. Just one day you are posting about haters and then nothing. Every dead persons FB page needs some kind of denouement

    2. Yep. I had 2 dead people on my facebook for a long time.

      One was a co-worker who was driving to pick up her kid from daycare on her way home from work. Before she got to her daughter, she crashed into the back of a logging truck and the car caught on fire and she died inside the car. Horrifying. Nice girl too.

          1. Yep. Which is why I think that’s what death is.

            You don’t remember what the world was like before you were born. There was nothing. That’s how death will be. Just black. Sounds bleak, but you weren’t hurting pre-birth, so you should be fine post-death.

    3. My cousin still updates my other cousin’s(they are brother and sister) facebook page from time to time and it’s weird. He’s been dead for 3 years now.

  35. Oh jeez, I guess in the Rose McGowan post where she says she was assault by Harvey she calls out Bob by name. Oh it’s gonna get sooooo good

    1. Of course it was the manager. It’s always the crazy manager.

      They must have a hell of a brainwashing machine at Hamburger U.

          1. if you’d capitalised the TEN that would have chippah’d it. I was saying beten like rhymes with beaten so I didn’t get it.

  36. Harvey Weinstein gets to jack off in all the plants he wants to and I’m sitting here scared to smack a bachelorette’s ass in a club when her bridesmaid stops me and tells me to do it. Where did it all go wrong?

      1. I mean for every one person speaking out against him you know there were 10 other girls who did it with pleasure

  37. Randomly came across this clip of Rogan and some fighter talking about how CM Punk was delusional to think he’d be able to fight in UFC.

    So now I’m watching CM Punk fights oh this will be hilarious

      1. 2005. Post-Zwan. The day it came out he took out a newspaper ad announcing the return of the Smashing Pumpkins. It was weird. The album had a few good tracks

          1. Did you know with two years of training, you can look like a crazed squirrel being eaten by a honey badger for 75 seconds instead of 20 seconds?

      1. Hey now he got an ESPN interview (before we knew that ESPN and WWE had gotten into bed together thus that whole thing in retrospect is even funnier)


    1. I was thinking it would be funny to see a guy do an interview where he actually draws money with a marker or something then it occurred to be the Bucks have probably already done so. I still need to check them out. Kenny explained some of their stuff in detail to me and it really sounds fucking hilarious.

          1. So, do you have an offline relationship with everyone from the BoD/Geekery? Gotta be honest. I feel cheated on man

          2. Hearing about him and Worst being friends this morning was really the last straw. I kept it to myself and just posted a cryptic quote on Facebook about it

          3. Oh I don’t know worst, we’ve just chatted way late at night on the BoD when no one was around/was too scared to check in

  39. Last class of the day is a second grade, 2 of them can’t spell their names. (fairly common names), 2 others are functionally mute, 1 other believes batman is real, on top of the normal arrangement of behavior and tom foolery. Where were all these kids when I was going through school? Is it like poker where if you can’t spot the mark at the table, it’s you? Was I a barely functioning psychopath? Good lord, has it all been a lie?

    …4pm thoughts.

    1. I’ve been told that when I was in kindergarten I would pretend to the teacher that I couldn’t read. Then I would go steal notes off the teachers desk and read the notes on children back to the rest of the class.

      1. Social promotion. Because obviously the kids that can’t count to potato would be aware they’re being left behind.

        …though honestly with these two, they’d be lifers at K if we were holding back.

        1. One of my buddies was held back in K and the teacher ust asked is she would be “her helper next year” Hahahaha. Iw worked for him though he’s a smart dude

          1. Hold backs, at least in my district are rarely academic. A lot of times they’ll snag someone to repeat k if they were the earliest of early starters and basically a year younger than the rest of the kids. ….fun part is this district’s not far from a city that holds kids back, so every spring we get a rush of kids for the last month or so of school then they go back the following fall to maintain their city grade level…..I guess that’s caring parenting…that or sitting with a book or some blocks

    1. I used to tolerate late season baseball because of football. Now, I’m just annoyed all the time with nothing to watch and end up turning off the TV at 8pm.

      1. Wednesdays are the shits for me so far this season in particular. I ended up watching Total Bellas last night. Mock and shame me in the way I deserve.

          1. They’re just about up to wrestlemania in that time line. Nikki was saying what a great sport she was about Miz doing the skit when she didn’t really seem to mean it…

          2. I watched one a couple weeks ago where he refused to accept her power of attorney.

            And wouldn’t even tell her who had his.

          3. Saw that one too. That was just bizarre. I mean, not the keeping her away from legal decisions part but him refusing to tell who he really picked. Even if it was a “don’t want to say in front of the cameras”…say that then

          4. I understand that money is money but at some point doesn’t self-respect kick in?

          5. Her normal job is being a carnival act, giving up her personal life to be on a reality show is the respectable thing.

          6. I meant in terms of her relationship with Cena. Everything I’ve seen of them would indicate a barely-contained hostility towards her, and yet she stays in the picture.

          7. I guess booze and pills help, too.

            I just wonder if she looks in the mirror and hates herself.

  40. One more episode left of Shots Fired. Pretty good show that hasn’t relied on stupid plot twist in the place of actual storytelling.

  41. I mean the thing is, they’re on TV and everything so we’ve convinced ourselves they’ve got their shit together but for the most part we’re talking about people that ran away with the carnival. You remember that guy in high school? He was’t the brightest.

    1. Oh, every person I know who talked about getting into wrestling (remember, this was during the height of the Attitude Era) was nutso. I actually had a manager at my old job who wrestled on weekends but I made it a point not to engage with her because I didn’t want to be in the Wrestling Clique because that’s no fun.

          1. I think he got hurt enough that he had to quit. I’m not really sure because I haven’t talked to him in years and years. He got hurt a lot though lol

          1. Eh, inherently, nothing really but just to carry it on for that long. I always figured the backyarders goal was to get some money out of it so you’d think by then they’d realize the ship had sailed.

            …It’s not like fishing or (insert random hobby here) but more like a fight club where you’re probably going to fuck your own shit up eventually

          2. Hahaha, we did it until we were 28 or 29, but it just to goof on each other and hopefully not get hurt

        1. I assume this woman was a backyarder because I never came across her work. Not that I looked very hard, but she was quite large and hard to miss.

    2. Just a step further, people just assume other people have their shit together. Even the most normal seeming dude in the world has some jerry springer shit within a pretty close branch or two of their family tree.

  42. When I went back to finish up my bachelor’s there was a kid in my class wrestling on the weekends. He patterned himself after CM Punk. Kinda looked like him too. Smart kid book wise but he’s probably not firing on all cylinders

          1. It’s all a part of joke telling. 85% of your material is going to suck and the other 15% we will sell to keep you trying

  43. I think I’ll avoid this place when Last Jedi is released, juuuuuuust in case Marv allows Disqus to show top comments from other threads

  44. I am short and everyone hates me. Plus women won’t be with meeeeeeeeeee and it’s all in my head.

    I love comedic impressions.

    1. He looks like the type of guy who would do that kind of thing.

      It’s never the Clooneys of the world.

    2. “I won’t do a thing, please. I swear I won’t. Just sit with me. Don’t embarrass me in the hotel. I’m here all the time. Sit with me, I promise”

      1. That’s the lame part, the begging. At least be a man about it if you’re gonna be a depraved pervert.

    1. I was involved in a group text with my Chicago friends that night and we all pretty much said “I hope Phil at least makes a showing.” Our hopes were quite quickly dashed.

  45. John refusing Nikki’s power of attorney was funny.

    Nikki’s mom refusing the power of attorney was even funnier.

    Nikki doing the cutaway interview and saying “Why doesn’t anyone want my pow-er of at-tor-neeeeeeee?!?” was outright hilarious.

  46. I enjoyed some Doritos Cheese Explosion something or others and flirted with what I am pretty sure was a cute homeless lady. This has been my day….what’s going on here? Hollywood seems to be jerking off on politics or something?

      1. For a transient she had pretty eyes. It was quite a thing. All in all I kinda wanted to lock up shop and hitch on to her storyline.

  47. Your fact of the day:

    Why are redneck murder cases the hardest to solve? Because all the DNA matches and there are no dental records.

  48. I mean, he’s got all this money and power and he’s begging and pleading? I would have thought he would be acting like the King of the Universe and treating the women like they should consider it an honor to service him. It just doesn’t compute.

    1. Plus it seemed like they were going to stay quiet for a long time anyway. I agree. If you are going to be a rich perv, be cocky. Not a pussy.

    1. “Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

      Thereafter, when the President transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that no inability exists, he shall resume the powers and duties of his office unless the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive department or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit within four days to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Thereupon Congress shall decide the issue, assembling within forty-eight hours for that purpose if not in session. If the Congress, within twenty-one days after receipt of the latter written declaration, or, if Congress is not in session, within twenty-one days after Congress is required to assemble, determines by two-thirds vote of both Houses that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall continue to discharge the same as Acting President; otherwise, the President shall resume the powers and duties of his office.”

  49. I mean, he’s feuding with his own Cabinet, insulting Congresspeople and Senators left and right and I can’t imagine that Pence is too happy being his hand puppet. If this were a movie, the ominous music would be kicking in at this point.

  50. Starz was developing a pro wrestling-centric drama titled Heels, and CM Punk was almost part of it. The show was fast-tracked by The Starz Network and ParamountTV, and they planned for an eight-episode first season. The one hour drama was to be built around the story two brothers, one a babyface and the other a heel in the ring, and the struggles they have on camera and behind the scenes after the death of their father, the promoter of the Georgia-based wrestling promotion they both worked for.

    According to, CM Punk impressed casting directors so much that he tested for the series for the role of the heel brother, Jack Spade, earlier this month. Testing is the final step before being offered the role. The site reports that after several months of casting, the producers have put the show on hold. The show has been put on hold a few times since initially being announced in February. It is possible that if the show gets back on track that Punk could still be in the mix to join the cast.

    1. See, this never works because you have to either cast wrestlers who are unconvincing actors or actors who are unconvincing wrestlers and it just falls apart.*

      (*I say this as someone who has yet to watch GLOW, but I think the point still stands.)