New Release Tuesday – October 10

Tuesdays bring the release of new books and movies to keep us all occupied. Let’s take a look at the highlights of what’s now available for our consumer entertainment!

New Digital Releases

Batman vs. Two-Face – In Adam West‘s final turn as the Caped Crusader, Batman and Robin are back in classic 1960s animated action, protecting Gotham City from some of the most nefarious villains in comics history. (DVD, Blu-ray release: October 17).

War for the Planet of the Apes – In the third chapter of the franchise. Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel. (DVD, Blu-ray release: October 24)

New on Blu-Ray/DVD

Baby Driver – After being coerced into working for a crime boss, a young getaway driver finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail. Directed by Edgar Wright and starring Ansel Elgort, Jon Bernthal and Jon Hamm.

New Books

Chuck D Presents This Day in Rap and Hip-Hop History by Chuck D – A comprehensive, chronological survey of rap and hip hop from 1973 to the present.

Grant by Ron Chernow – The Pulitzer Prize-winning author provides a complete understanding of the general and president whose fortunes rose and fell with dizzying speed and frequency.

Inside Studio 54 by Mark Fleischman – The former owner takes you behind the scenes of the most famous nightclub in the world, through the crowd, to a place where celebrities, friends, and the beautiful people sip champagne and share lines of cocaine using rolled-up hundred-dollar bills.

The Princess Bride Deluxe Edition HC: S. Morgenstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure by William Goldman – A new edition in time for the film’s 30th anniversary, which also includes fifty full-page color illustrations by Michael Manomivibul, full-color chapter openers, and a gorgeous color map printed on the endpapers.

Waiting for the Punch: Words to Live By from the WTF Podcast by Marc Maron – A running narrative of the world’s most recognizable names working through the problems, doubts, joys, triumphs and failures we all experience.

New Graphic Novels/Collections


Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner Vol. 1 by Ron Marz – The lone Lantern for most of the 1990s, this book collects the new hero’s early adventures. 

Swamp Thing: The Bronze Age Omnibus Vol. 1 by Len Wein – The character’s early adventures collected for the first time. 

Tomb of Dracula: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 by Gerry Conway, Archie Goodwin, Gardner Fox and Marv Wolfman – The tomb has opened, and Dracula lives again! But his descendant, Frank Drake, joins vampire hunters including Rachel Van Helsing and Quincy Harker in a bid to return him to his grave!

The Walking Dead: Here’s Negan by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard – Who was he before society broke down? That question will be answered here, collecting the story originally serialized in IMAGE+ magazine.

New Video Games

Middle-earth: Shadow of War (PS4, X-Box One) – The sequel to the critically acclaimed Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor continues the original story of Talion and Celebrimbor, who must now go behind enemy lines to forge an army and turn all of Mordor against the dark lord, Sauron.

1,166 thoughts on “New Release Tuesday – October 10”

  1. I will be picking up Shadow of War after work today.

    Also, our PM and all the supervisors have been I the conference room since about 0620. This is dumb

  2. My product manager told me during lunch break that his sex drive always increases after smoking weed. Is this is an actual thing?

  3. I’m always skeptical of hip-hop history material. It’s always stuff that’s common knowledge or just kissing up to certain people. Won’t hold my breath waiting on true comprehensive history; although, I think it’s made a great enough impact to warrant such comprehension.

  4. Tweaked my hamstring again last night when I slipped on my deck. Ran this morning on the treadmill but it was a lot of starting and stopping.

    1. I’ve learned that there is no reason to try to fight through an injury. Let it heal fully and then get back to it.

      1. That’s probably the right thinking. I’m just nuts about making sure I don’t gain weight 🙂

        I can always switch to the elliptical.

  5. Da’s review of the Gran Turismo Sport Demo:
    Menu and layout are all very nice, GT% was awful, GT6 was better, this is a better menu than that
    Plays and looks GORGEOUS
    Now the minus………………….the fucking vehicle selection is atrocious. Very few road cards, a bunch of race versions (weird paint, decals, stupid lights) but their are serously maybe 200 cars in the game….and the demo has all cars available,. it’s awful

  6. Yeah I’m not playing a game with loot crates and microtransactions. That’s some nickel-and-diming shit.

  7. Just learned that Dove is racist now (that’s sarcasm). I really wish I was building this house further out in the woods.

    1. Id like to know who thought that idea was good. Who didn’t see the problem in the first place and those people should be long gone.

      1. I guess from the marketing side, definitely, should know what would happen. Just from the consumer side, yeesh. That gimmick was the whole conceit of MJ’s Black or White video

      2. It’s easy to see what they were going for here which is why I don’t understand how it could be construed as racist. Why would they knowingly do this? It doesn’t make any sense.

        1. The message seems to be that white women are generally more attractive than black ones which is uh….problematic

          1. Again, any reasonable person could tell that wasn’t the intent unless Dove is controlled by the klan. If the message didn’t land (and it appears that it didn’t) then just tell them how you feel. Dove pulls the ad and we move on. I’m really not sure why it needs to go further than that

  8. Getting chewed out because I was 1 minute late for work yesterday because the elevator stopped at 6 floors. Weeeeeeeee.

  9. I feel like Mark Hamil should be a bigger deal than he is. Everything I’ve seen him in, he’s always stood out and been great.

    1. He’s the definition of a one-character guy; every one associates him with one character that no one can see him as anything else.

      1. When I went to the Nick Offerman thing couple days ago, he said that he was forced to shave off the mustache because his ron swanson look is so distinctive

      2. Last vestiges of older hollywood. I think he could have done enough live action stuff if Star Wars hits today instead. Though as is, he seems happy doing the voice over stuff and enjoying his geekiness.

        1. Today, he could have easily gotten more work (live action), but besides Ford, who else became a big movie star from that original movie?

      1. I mean, what the fuck is happening. All of a sudden we forgot to play defense? Won 102 fucking games and can’t play fucking defense!

          1. We actually have played a terrible series so far, and if it wasn’t for your dumb manager, your team would be booking a flight to Houston this morning.

          2. Outside of Game 1 and that cool comeback, we have been atrocious. It feels weird. I’m just going to remain confident.

  10. for halloween maybe I’ll just change my avatar to that old picture of me and my boy Milo that everyone said was super creepy for some reason

  11. Red Sox desperately need a change in leadership. Farrell needs to go and they need a strong, positive veteran presence in there since Dustin Pedroia is clearly NOT the guy you want leading the locker room.

      1. Sounds like a plan! Full disclosure: I don’t think Farrell knows how a double switch works, so the NL may be confusing to him.

        1. That’s okay, Matheny will set back your teams baseball knowledge to the 4th grade and he has no clue how to read a pitcher or use a bullpen.

  12. Just looked up Mark Hamill’s filmography. After Jedi, he had no roles for the next 6 years.
    “When Amadeus was adapted to film in 1984, Hamill auditioned to reprise the role for the big screen but lost the part to Tom Hulce.[16][32] A studio executive told the producers of the film, “I don’t want Luke Skywalker in this film”.[33] He made television appearances in a 1986 episode of Amazing Stories and a 1987 episode of The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents.”

    He did do some broadway though during that time

  13. Would you rather be super famous for 1 role and be only known for that one role (gilligan, bradys, luke/leia, kramer) OR just be a basic character actor but never become rich or famous (basically you are that guy).

          1. I have no idea what they are doing with the Force, but it really really seems convoluted with the “raw power” shit and “the jedi should end” crap. Not everyone that comes along needs a destiny or to the new best at something…it’s just to damn much

      1. It’s not the greatest movie ever but it did a lot to set up the new story AND.. it was there to let us all heal.. it didn’t swing for a home run.. it went.. what we really need right now is a solid double to put us in scoring position

          1. Completely agree, it didn’t need to be the best thing ever, and it wasn’t. But it was good enough.

        1. The story, when you dissect it, was tame, but the thing I loved about the movie is there were TONS of new characters that not only could you relate to, you clearly understood their motivations and why they were doing what they were doing.

        1. Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith, Louis Jordan, The Carter Family and Hank Williams, Sr would be among my favorite pre rock artists.

  14. Rewatching Pulp Fiction. Why is Vince Vega always in the toilet during critical moments(Mia’s overdose,restaurant stick-up,Butch in his apartment)? Is it a theme of the movie?

  15. Work just sent out an email saying the potential dates for the holiday party are December 14 and 15. At least Star Wars is my excuse not to go!

      1. I went to my office party the first year I was here, but none since then. I don’t feel like eating shitty food and kissing asses of people who hate me

  16. I wouldn’t mind being “Luke Skywalker” for the rest of my life IF I got a cut of that sweet, sweet merchandising revenue. I’ll show up in costume at fan conventions until I’m 90 if I know I got a seven-to-eight figure check coming every year.

    1. Yep. Who gives a fuck about having a “respectable” career in Hollywood? Give me that fat pay check and put me in a monkey costume.

  17. Best part of the trailer last night was when they cut back to the MNF Booth and Sean McDunnogh is like “Well this first…. trooper is excited.” in the most monotone voice possible

    1. Sean McDunnogh went to the Pat Sumerall School of Broadcasting. The first class is “How to sound like you may fall asleep at any moment 101”.

        1. Yep! The Pat and John Madden team was funny, because you would go 2 minutes without hearing anything, and then BOOM! John would have a thought.

  18. No one could have predicted what would happen with those toys, but I’ll bet Harrison, Carrie and Mark wish they had negotiated for a percentage of that merchandising. Just 1 or 2 percent would have made them set financially for life.

      1. I give out the best candy, trust me, it’s what I do, I give out the best candy. Kids leave my house with Skittles and M&Ms and they get the best cavities

      1. I have actually never heard Seth MacFarlane’s music other than on Family Guy when I used to watch it 10 years ago.

      1. Yeah, I mean, when my wife makes up her mind and puts her all into it, she will make it successful, but all I hear when she talks right now is, “I’M GOING TO PUT US IN THE POOR HOUSE FOR 5 YEARS, AND MAKE YOU WORK HARDER.”

  19. I’m actually dressed up as my favorite sketch comedy character for Halloween season:

    Louie, The Guy Who Shows Up And Yells His Catchphrase Over And Over

    It was a clever takedown of 90s SNL writing!

    1. I’m sure Lorne Michaels was devastated as he sat in his mansion in the Hamptons sipping his white wine and watching Chris Farley repeatedly fall into the pool.

  20. I’ve only seen Sean McDonough animated once. He’s a Syracuse grad and he was doing a Syracuse football game. The Orange completely crap the bed and as they were wrapping up the broadcast the guy just lost it.

          1. After every post here he’d go over there and talk about how much he hated this place. I figured I’d do him a favor and he’d have one less thing in his life that he just hated hated hated but just can’t quit

          2. I feel like he said he was forced to come here to make sure we weren’t talking shit about him, which was weird.

    1. My favorite thing is when he acts like he hasn’t watched any of the shows, and proceeds to talk about them for 6 hours.

          1. When your whole life is pro wrestling you have to defend it even if it doesn’t make any goddamn sense (see also, Christians)

  21. Barbie Blank is getting divorced after a year of marriage and is already seeing other guys? Can’t say that is surprising

    1. I forgot she was Kelly Kelly and thought you were talking about another indy wrestler named Barbie (the one that started a GoFundMe to move to Orlando so WWE would hire her which got her made fun of by all the WWE employees)

    1. That’s a week before The Last Jedi and the anniversary of when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese Imperial Navy. Good luck

          1. “Look at him working in the soup kitchen. Doesn’t it just make you feel bad about all the good we all could have done?”

  22. Anyone know anything about mpeg videos in powerpoint for windows 10/office 2016? multiple machines and couldn’t get it to work. Had to pull a Win 7 laptop out for this person…tried updates and all kinds of stuff.. kind of weird

      1. yeah I tried for a while and then just tossed a win 7 machine in there. still kind of weird. WMP sucks so it’s not surprising. I probably have to uninstall some driver and install an old version or something dumb

  23. I’m kind of excited to look back through Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress wins over the last 30 years and baselessly speculate which award races Harvey Weinstein swung in exchange for porking the winner!

      1. Sexually harassed every chick in Hollywood for like 30 years including forcing interns to watch him shower and at one point jerking off into a potted plant in front of a woman (that last part is awesome I don’t care what anyone says that is objectively hilarious)

        1. Three women––among them Argento and a former aspiring actress named Lucia Evans—told me that Weinstein raped them, allegations that include Weinstein forcibly performing or receiving oral sex and forcing vaginal sex. ….it’s escalating quickly. Wonder if Damon can pull himself out of this one

          1. Oh wow I didn’t realize there were full on rape allegations too I thought he was just being the funniest pervert ever

          2. everything up to the ellipse is quote. Everything after that is me. Apparently Matt Damon and Russell Crowe stopped a story like this coming out like 13 years ago and are now in the dog house

  24. I’m watching the Cinemasins video on Scream 2 and musing on how awesome it was that in the first movie Sidney makes a joke about how Tori Spelling will probably play her in a movie adaptation and in Scream 2 they do a short cut to an interview with the star of a movie based on Sidney’s life and the actress playing her is…Tori Spelling.

      1. LOL they just had shots of Luke Wilson doing Billy Loomis and it’s fucking incredible hahaha he’s so good at playing an over the top angsty teen

  25. I was going to make this long rambling joke about Courtney Cox and Arquette getting married after filming the first movie together and how that must have made Omar Epps happy in the second one when he found out he was playing opposite Jada but the dates don’t work out and it was a lame joke anyway BUT I have discovered that if you type in “When did Courtney” into google the first result is “When did Courtney Love die?” hahahaha

        1. Wait…who was that chick that had a super similar name back then? There was a hot girl that was basically named Jamie Kennedy fuck what was her name lol

  26. Hollywood chicks are weird. I mean, I don’t know about your wives (I know Edna and Blanche would do this for a fact) but I’m surprised so many of these women reacted in horror rather than just straight up laughing their fucking ass off as Harvey started jerking into the fig tree.

      1. I think that would’ve been Edna’s move but not without first heartily laughing and saying something like “This can’t be real hahahahahaha oh god you’re actually doing it holy shiiiiiiiit”

  27. Hm, I forgot to check if teacher who doesn’t charge her chromes, charged her chromes. Russian roulette kinda afternoon then

  28. Even 11 months later, I still can’t believe this Tweeting idiot is President of the United States. Not to go Mar Solo on it or anything, but christ almighty….

  29. Wait, Russell Crowe is involved in that whole Hollywood mess? Awesome! I hope someone calls him out on it in a public place and the whole thing is filmed on a bystanders phone.

  30. I’m shocked.. shocked to continue to find out about more and more gross looking guys who spend all their time talking about movies on the internet are sexual perverts.

    if you can’t trust these guys×610.jpg

    who can you trust

  31. From all the gossip sites, I’ve read, Harvey is supposedly the normal Weinstein brother and Max is spookily referred to as a deviant.

  32. All of the photos Peyton posted of the people fired for sexual misconduct look like they are all a bunch of repressed nerds who hardly got laid and feel the need to do it now/be dominant over woman.

    1. For sure. Those guys never learned much about sex, or girls in general, as teenagers, because no girl would have anything to do with them.

      Then they fall into relative power and fame and they have only their fantasies, porn, and hard feelings to fall back on for how to act.

  33. Never understood being dominant over a lady. I’d rather have them be wet/horny/be into you and want you badly. as it is more enjoyable that way.

    Guess I am just weird.

    1. I think it’s when you have that much power you don’t give a shit about anyone else.

      Harvey is not some jamoke buying ladies flowers and impressing them. They are attractive sex receptacles to be used and discarded inbetween breaking contenders in half.

  34. Earlier this year I was dared by a girl to ask another girl straight up if she wanted to have sex. She said no! I walked away because I had to pee.

    I guess the point here is I am not Harvey Weinstein

          1. I think she was with 2 or 3 other dudes but she was on the other side of the bar dancing near where we were. She was with them at last call

  35. I went to get refitted for my tux yesterday. I had to get a bigger jacket and vest because my chest has grown two inches! I’m thinking of developing some junk protein powder and becoming a bodybuilding guru

  36. It’s funny, but I’ve never cared enough about rejection to be into revenge fantasies and shit. She doesn’t want me? Eh, I’ll go home and watch TV, whatever.

  37. Watched Family Ties S1E6 this morning.

    The dad works at PBS (a knock off but whatever). They are having a telethon to raise money. Also, his boss is retiring. So, everyone leaves the studio to go do stuff except retiring boss and Mallory. Yep……….this is that kind of episode. 6 episodes in and they are already tackling pedos

  38. I blame the rise in sexual harassment, rapes, etc. on the lack of sitcoms with “very special episodes.” Like every Modern Family episode is supposed to be a 22 minute comedy roller coaster. If only they stopped being care free and got serious, people would learn to not do bad stuff!

  39. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be Harvey Weinstein, but I know I would ABSOLUTELY be corrupted with that much wealth and influence. Like I would be outright destroying careers for sport.

      1. “Ben Affleck, we’re going in this windowless, cameraless room and I am going to kick the fuck out of you for getting fat while contracted to play Batman. If I leave this room with a scratch on me, one of your kids gets found dead tomorrow of a “gas leak.” I’ll even let you be nice and pick which one.”

        Holy fuck, I’d be megalomaniacal.

  40. Super gray today. Fall in Seattle is nice weather but psychologically it’s terrible because everyone knows one of these days it’s going to go gray and stay that way until a month into baseball season.

  41. “How did you meeting with Harvey go?”

    “Oh you know, I tuned out everything because he was jacking off into a philly cheese steak and making his secretary eat it.”


    1. One one of those House Hunter shows, some trendy couple had their master bath basically in the middle of the room with a shower dead in the center with no curtain or glass. It probably dropped their home value by 20,000 dollars right there.

          1. Yeah there’s no tape. If there was it would be worth fucking a hundred million to the right news channel. No one is turning down a hundred million lol

          1. Still doing stand up. Her boyfriend Dave Smith said he didn’t like all the sex talk about her. That’s right, there is a man out there so weak he is actually sexually threatened by Chip looool

          2. I’ve never heard of him. I just think it’s weird and sad. Allegedly she was a stand up as well so I don’t know how leaving could be considered good for her. She left the whole network not just that show too.

          3. have you heard her stand up? I mean, she never seemed like hilarious or nothing, she just had a purty voice

          4. I have not, I can’t imagine it’s good. I mean let’s be honest he got as much material out of a fleshlight with a dunce cap on lol

  42. It’s never George Clooney or Jon Hamm or guys that look like them, is it? It’s always trolls like Weinstein and Roger Alies.

      1. That’s why it’s so hard. Smith and Hill are one of the main reasons I stopped watching, but I respect what she’s doing or trying to do.

    1. It’s Kathy Griffin and Megyn Kelly all over again. It’s like choosing between a kick in the balls or a punch in the face.

  43. I mean, how do you handle it when your newborn clearly looks like your wife’s ex? I guess you go hit up your Asian stepdaughter, LOL.

  44. I do enjoy thinking of Allen trying to convince everyone and himself it’s his kid and there is this 8 year old walking and talking like Frank

    So son …do…do you want to go to the park?

    The kind of birds I want to watch ain’t at no park daddy baby

    1. Peter became a deranged drug-addict pervert who died alone. Joey Bishop lived to 90 and spend his days playing golf and chilling.

  45. Ten years ago or so LeBron, Wade, Carmello, CP3, and Joe Johnson all apparently got together and talked about how they wanted to take over the league.

    Bill Simmons made a good joke about Joe Johnson being the Peter Lawford of the group.

  46. I hope Frank and Dean took full advantage of being Frank and Dean.

    I was on the pier looking out into the ocean last weekend, and seeing people walk past me, and they had scowls on their faces. Now, I don’t know what their lives are like, but I couldn’t help feeling that those people weren’t taking advantage of where they were. On an island with a beautiful sunset, with gorgeous weather.

    I hope Frank and Dean went to clubs, sat in the booth, drank their great drinks, hung out with beautiful women, and smiled the entire time. I think they did.

      1. I love that clip of him with Rickles where his head is about to explode while Rickles does mob jokes right to his face on the fucking Tonight Show.

        1. nothing wrong with being cranky. although I would argue some people around here confuse debate and disagreement with “cranky”

          1. Intentions are important, because offhand comments can make shit go south quickly.

          2. it’s hard to convey thing in just typing. so much of communication is non verbal and we get so many cues from that (ques?)

  47. “You REALLY want this part, huh?”

    “….Yes. Oh God, you want me to have sex with you, don’t you.”


    “That’s good….Oh no, you want me to blow you.”


    “Good. Oh no, you want to watch me diddling myself, right?”

    “No. I want you to watch me jack off into a potted plant!”


  48. Interesting group. I never met a bunch of 30 somethings who knew so much about the Rat Pack and shit from way before they were born.

  49. Lunchtime highlights:

    – Pokemon Go erroring out and not crediting me with catching a Snorlax

    – Catching an Entei with a group of people

    – The same Snorlax from earlier fleeing when I returned to it

    – A semi running a red light and nearly running me and 10 other people over outside my office

        1. Yeah, I guess. Even if they did a joint confernce all together years ago I imagine everyone would applaud them but then slowly you’d realise you weren’t seeing these people in major roles anymore

  50. If my prime was the 1950s I probably would have been more into blues than anything else. My dad was a doo-wop kind of cat.

          1. if getting 3 A’s and a B plus in 4 semesters of college French qualifies….

            And my wife did a semester in France as a high school student. That’s about the extent of my being french. I don’t even have any french in my family tree. mostly scottish and Germanic

  51. Harry Knowles allegedly sexually harrassed employees of a local Toys R Us so they would let him be first in line to buy Star Wars Episode I toys in 1999

      1. see I would argue there was some fantastic alternative music in that time period. I watched 120 minutes on MTV religiously

          1. well I wasn’t a top 40 guy after about 87 so I always was seeking out music on the fringes (not that some popular bands like REM, Metallica, etc. weren’t great too)

      2. late 90s was rough. All the big 90s alt bands went off the boil a little bit, every metal band was having a mid life crisis

    1. there is always good stuff to find but for the most part I’d argue 1971-76ish is pretty rough. And you have to look pretty deep in the past 10 years or so, but good stuff is there and luckily easie rto find.

      for the youngsters finding good, non top 40 music used to be about word of mouth, record reviews in hipper publications and just buying a CD/Album and taking a shot. No listening on spotify. You tossed down your 10 or 15 bucks and hoped your buddies or Rolling Stone or Trouser press or whatever review was on point

        1. well not sure it’s better for the artist (or even the record company). they make shit on new music anymore. From what I understand the money is all in the touring

    2. I couldn’t get into 1920s swing music. My grandma loved it. Maybe I would have been into it if I were born then but I doubt it.

    3. Late 90’s-early 2000’s rock is pretty bad.

      I don’t care much for rap the last 15 years.

      Country pop is a bit difficult as well.

      Other than that, I like bits of everything.

      1. This stuff Nelly is doing with Georgia-Florida line is the absolute worst. Nelly really can’t have a soul with all the crap he’s put out over the years. Either that or he drinks himself to sleep every night

          1. Seems like it may have been a consensual deal but she was kicked off the bus and thrown money and that didn’t go over well.

          2. She sounds like she was scorned. It’s gonna cost a few dollars but this will go away and Nelly can keep making terrible music

  52. Sounds like the NFL is ready to fold on this flag thing. This would be the first victory for the players over the owners since ever. Yeah, Kaepernick ain’t never coming back.

      1. as I said on the BOD yesterday up until the early 80s it was not uncommon for celebs to date girls in their teens. Hell the stuff said about 14 year old Brooke Shields looks positively creepy now. Back then, it was standard.

          1. well when the life expectancy was 35….

            And let’s be honest, biologically speaking the best age for child bearing is like 14 or 15 (not emotionally but physically, which matters when women died in childbirth all the time).

            My example yesterday was McCartney dating Jane Asher at 15 (the first couple weeks, then she turned 16) when he was in his 20s. Media thought they were the “it” couple

  53. R. Kelly is all those things you think he is but the man is underrated. From the early 90s to around 2002 the man couldn’t do anything wrong musically. He also wrote and produced a lot of hits.

  54. Harvey Weinstein

    I’ll make love in front of you… even if you don’t want me to..

    And I’ll hold it tight

    Baby all through the night

    I’ll make love in front of you

    even if you don’t want me to

    And I will not let go

    ‘Till the fig tree tell me to

        1. You may think it’s a diss but it’s not. Ok “black” was the joke but seriously. I never met a black man close to my age or any age really who was an Elvis fan. That’s why it’s interesting.

          1. I’ve heard that said a lot. Also, I don’t know if he said this but he allegedly said the only thing he wants from black people is for them to buy his records or something like that. Don’t know if that’s true.

          2. It wasn’t, but it traveled far and people still believe it.

            What’s funny is that John Wayne actually did say some incredibly racist shit that is frequently overlooked.

          3. Yes I know about the John Wayne stuff too. Public Enemy famously ripped both of them in Fight The Power.

          4. He always gave credit to his influences. A lot of dumb racist comments were attributed to him that were later discredited, which is why some folks want nothing to do with him.

          5. Pat Boone (known right wing scumbag/racist) was really the guy who not only stole from black music but also killed rock and roll for the most part after Elvis hit the army until the Beatles brought it back. Many forget that rock n roll was considered a dying fad after Elvis went in the army (and when he came out and did ballads and shit) and the folk craze was the big thing before the beatles

          6. yeah, he had a lot of bad people around him who stole songs and gave no credit, but he himself wasn’t like that