Sunday Catch-Up – NYCC Edition

Let’s finish off the weekend with a look at the week that was and the things that are happening in the Geekery world.

It’s the last day of New York Comic-Con, so let’s see what news has come over the last few days.

• The third JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer was released this morning. We get a look at Henry Cavill and Amy Adams, but there is a decided lack of a Superman costume… The trailer looks amaaaazing. Check it out.

The movie is set for a Nov. 17 release.

• During the Walking Dead panel at the Theater at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, creator Robert Kirkman said that the two AMC shows based on the property will cross over… at some point:

“There are two Walking Dead shows. There is one character that is going to go from one show — that I will not name — and appear in the other show — that I will not name.”

• The new YOUNG ANIMAL imprint at DC Comics will get a major push in 2018, as the characters will cross over with the main universe in a crossover in January. The Justice League-Doom Patrol crossover set for Jan. 31 will be called MILK WARS, from Steve Orlando, Gerard Way and Aco.

• Canadian singer The WEEKND will get a new series with Marvel Comics based on the STARBOY persona from the same-titled album.

This Week at the Geekery

• The RETRO MOVIE NERD reviews the Keanu Reeves-Patrick Swayze 1991 classic Point Break.

• Joe’s SONG OF THE WEEK looks at “Honey” by Kehlani.

• This week’s editions of SUBWAY SHORTS looks at the latest issues of Batgirl and Wonder Woman, along with a review of Catwoman’s answer to Batman‘s Proposal.

Coming Up This Week

The return of the CW DC Comics shows means that Joe and I will be reviewing the season premieres of Supergirl on Monday, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday and Arrow on Thursday.

238 thoughts on “Sunday Catch-Up – NYCC Edition”

  1. Saw a commercial for a men’s facial cream which apparently contains “Swiss volcanic ash “.

    I didn’t know there were volcanoes in Switzerland.

  2. Kevin Smith told a story on the latest Hollywood Babble-On podcast… no idea if it was true, but he seemed sincere with it, for whatever that’s worth… The gist was that when they were filming Chasing Amy, Ben Affleck was sleeping on his couch and discovered Kev’s copy of Dark Knight Returns. He was up all night reading it and fell in love with it, as he had never read it before, and told Smith the next day, “Someone should turn this to a movie!” Smith said he was sure someone would, and they’d probably cast Clint Eastwood as old Batman (because it was 1997 and that’s who everyone thought would play old Batman).

    Affleck shot back that HE wanted to be old Batman and Smith retorted that Affleck would NEVER be Batman.


        1. I don’t think Kevin’s ever said what or how bad, but it seemed Kevin’s shtick didn’t play well with Garner so they grew apart. I don’t think it was necessarily a giant bit of war but just them going separate ways

  3. “24 year old has “possibly ” joined ISIS in Afghanistan ”

    “Possibly “. Just like I “possibly ” had sex with Scarlett Johansson.

  4. Watched a minute of that trailer and stopped it. I keep trying to care but I just can’t care about the superhero stuff.

      1. Wasn’t bad. If they wanted to use a slow cover of “Heroes,” TV On The Radio did a really good one.

        As for the trailer itself, looks pretty great! I think Flash and Aquaman are going to be the highlights of the film.

  5. Was at wedding yesterday and wife and I was being introduced to the best man’s wife who was drunk and immediately starting feeling on my bald head. Then she asked my wife if we were together and asked permisssion to feel on my head again. I said “umm… don’t I have a say in this?”

    1. Well first of all, no, you don’t. Second, don’t blame that poor woman for being interested in what she can’t get at home. Like I thought that was your whole deal!

  6. Kid won’t stop kissing a girl in the church nursery. So that’s good I’m already raising a pervert *one lonely, proud tear*

  7. 49ers players kneel for the Anthem with Mike Pence in attendance. Pence then leaves and says the reason he left is because they knelt. I fucking hate this administration so much.

        1. I was fully prepared, on Jan. 21, for an executive order creating the Sedition Act of 2017, which would have rounded up every staff member of every newspaper that disparaged Trump. To this day, it shocks me that it didn’t happen.

      1. I’ve often felt like Trump would love to repeal the first amendment (and probably the fourteenth as well). Miranda decision as well.

        1. Yes and no… He’s nothing without all the press he got in the 1980s and all the writers and assignment editors that went along with his bullshit, like pretending to be his own PR guy. I think he’s mostly just upset that he doesn’t get the same love he used to. But he knows he’ll NEVER get that back by pissing on the First Amendment.

  8. Just got back from doing a half-marathon. 2nd worst time ever at 2:45. I took it easy because of the cold last week.
    Last time I pushed too hard after an illness, I got bronchitis so didn’t want that again.

      1. The vice-president job is thankless enough, but I’ll bet Pence wishes he was managing an Applebee’s somewhere most days.

      1. That must have been a fascinating conversation.

        Granted, it was all probably a planned stunt anyhow.

  9. So the soda tax here will probably die on Tuesday. If I know my Illinois politicians, though, that won’t be the end of the story.

        1. AJ/Corbin should be good because AJ, New Day/Usos has been GREAT, and I’m sure Shane-O-Mac will do something stupid

          1. Took the kid to the grand opening of a kiddie gym today. She lasted about half an hour before getting a bit overwhelmed.

            Some little monster ran over her finger tips with a little toy riding car while I was parking and the wife was inside. Good thing, too, I woulda punted that kid just on instinct… My wife says I have a bit of an overprotective streak… Apparently, the parents were very apologetic. I would’ve felt bad about punting their son…

  10. Hell in a Cell will definitely take a back seat to Game 3… I’m really hoping I get at least another game or two out of the Yankees this season. But if it ends tonight… the Indians are a hell of a team… and I hope they get beat like a rabid dog.

    1. That Constantine seems to get around. I feel like he’s gonna pop up for a second in Justice League for some reason.

        1. oh good. I honestly dont know what is good with that stuff.
          When I go to the doctor and they give me cholesterol or blood pressure, I just go “is that good because I don’t know?”

        1. Eh, probably not. Between my work schedule and the kid, it’s unlikely unless I go when the wife is still with her family the day after Christmas.

          The last two years, we went to see the new Star Wars flick when we were visiting her family, but… honestly, I don’t trust any of them as babysitters…

    1. I’ve somewhat softened on assigned seating for the prime showings, hate it for the ones that don’t sell out. Like to pick my seats the fuck away from others on their phones or dragging their kids to r-rated stuff or whatever

  11. I think Blade Runner 2049 didnt do so hot because a lot of people probably watched Blade Runner for the 1st time and were like nah its so damn slow.

    1. Blade Runner 2049 is bombing because moviegoers in 2017 be like: “What did people do for movies before 1997?”

  12. Ahem

    **clears throat**


    1. Honestly, I prefer Disqus. It’s never given me issues. That crew just were not accepting of that whole format.

    2. I’m glad it went off during a PPV night instead of my Facebook randomly blowing up at work. And I got to remember how to mute things.

  13. Also,saw TFA for the first time yesterday and good lord what a humourless cash-grab . Abrams has zero respect for the audience.

    1. 0 respect for story maybe. I think in his own way going way-practical with sets and stuff was his respecting the audience/source material

  14. Just got a metal detector scan.
    Why would someone need a gun here? Nick would make a gun out of wood and kill you by the time you get your shot off

  15. 1-0 Yankees going to the ninth.

    The postseason needing a game like this to remind people that PITCHER’S LIVES MATTER!!

  16. You ever turn on wrestling, then not pay attention, then realized by the crowd and commentary- without watching at all- that you have an awesome match on in the background?

    That’s me with the New Day/Usos match right now. This sounds amazing.

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