Geekery Release Friday – October 6

It’s the end of a long, difficult week. If you’re looking for something new to watch or listen to, give these picks a shot.

One of the biggest films of the fall is the incredibly anticipated sequel, BLADE RUNNER 2049. Taking place 30 years after the original, Ryan Gosling is a young blade runner that uncovers a long-buried secret and seeks out Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard for answers. Can it possibly hold up to the original? Will Ford act or sleepwalk his way through the film? You can find out!

If you like your action a bit closer to today and with some romance, look into THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US. Two strangers (Kate Winslet, Idris Elba) must forge a connection to survive the extreme elements of a remote snow covered mountain.

Also out: For the kids (and bronies, I guess), you have MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE. There’s also the family drama, THE FLORIDA PROJECT. For new documentaries, this one about an unconventional love story, try DINA.

There’s an eclectic mix of new music out this week, starting with Dhani Harrison’s solo debut, IN///PARALLEL. Although he’s had a budding career as the lead songwriter of thenewno2, this atmospheric rock record is his first release under his own name.

Speaking of debut albums that are by a former band frontman, Liam Gallagher’s solo premiere, AS YOU WERE, drops today. What’s it sound like? Well….it….sounds like Oasis. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing!

Another debut worth checking out is by alternative R&B artist, Kelela. TAKE ME APART is the product of four years of work by the singer-songwriter. The resulting album is glitchy, pulsing, subtle and sensual.

You can also give a listen to the first LP by Australian singer-songwriter Alex LaheyI LOVE YOU LIKE A BROTHER, check out Marilyn Manson’s new album, HEAVEN UPSIDE DOWN, bliss out to Cults with OFFERING or dive into the electronic soundscapes of Alessandro Cortini with AVANTI.

It’s Columbus Day weekend! What are your plans? Sound off below!


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    1. I guess today will be the last day of Wonder Womanning I should change it up for Peyton Manning weekend here in town. Fear not though…. there is after all a justice league movie right around the corner…who knows the old gal may come back

  1. Newton: Word choice “extremely degrading”.

    ……but only after my sponsors started pulling out.

  2. Sup how you doing. I listened to Alex Lahey’s EP quite a bit earlier in the year after one her songs was Of The Week, she’s really good. I’m looking forward to the album.

      1. Not at all.

        It’s like I don’t care that Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too.

  3. Is Joe Marvilli a real person? Wait…..I’m just getting the joke. Also, there is an R&B artist listed. Not sure if that’s supposed to be there

      1. But instead of the Kenny thing, I’ll stay far away from the conspiracy theories and just not care at all.

  4. Currently watching a livestream of Italian tv channel RaiDue to see my love Caterina Balivo in action on her two hour daytime TV show about nothing Detto Fatto

  5. Off today. May fall back asleep or start Firefly.

    I had a detailed dream I was on a cruise ship watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the film was really different.

  6. Shit can you imagine… a week long Disney Cruise ..see new star wars the day we leave port, get back right when everyone else sees it…Shit that’ would make tons of money

  7. Let’s all try to have a stellar Friday, Geeks.

    Also, I will definitely be checking out the Alex Lahey and CULTS albums.

  8. I need to go get some breakfast in the cafeteria.

    Gonna ask the cook to SHOW ME, SHOW ME, SHOW ME HOW YOU cook that bacon, because I’d like it crispy, please.

      1. I try to laugh about it
        Cover it all up with lies
        I try and laugh about it
        Hiding the tears in my eyes
        Because boys don’t cry
        Boys don’t cry

    1. I had to cut down my To Listen queue because it just wan’t going to happen. I think there was like 300 hours of content in there

        1. There’s a ton of stuff I want to listen to but… there’s also a ton of music to listen to and also some times where I maybe need to not have content pouring into my ears so, tough choices

          1. Peyton: yes I would like to be the mod who is in charge of checking porn to see if it’s porn please yes yes

    1. From the podcasts app on my phone… or do you mean an actual physical location? I listen when I’m walking or in my car or on the subway. I’ve also learned that policy podcasts bore my daughter to sleep, so I listen when I put her down for her nap

    2. If on phone, podcast addict, if on computer, Grover or something like that. Itunes started to get too retarded to use consistently just for podcasts

  9. Monday – humiliation,
    Tuesday – suffocation,
    Wednesday – condescension,
    Thursday… is pathetic
    By Friday life has killed me,
    By Friday life has killed me.

          1. I always went to the local fair to get drunk and pick up women…i did that till i was 35 sadly, but it was shooting fish in a barrel

    1. Today…watching baseball, tomorrow-changing out the circuit board on the oven and then my fathers 60th birthday party that night. Sunday-laundry and nap

        1. Well in my experience, all but one of my online dates has been at least 20 pounds heavier than their pics indicate, so yes

        2. I have no idea how anything works. My wife was one of my best friends and I’ve known her for like 12 years.

        3. Completely blind dates must not exist anymore. Even if you’ve never met someone and you’ve been setup you can look someone up online.

        1. That’s how it started with my wife, i met her friend out and met my wife for the first time, a week later we went on a date and now i’m stuck with her. The lesson is just don’t go

  10. The Cure were never my cup of tea. However, the song “Burn” from the Crow soundtrack is definitely the best song they’ve written

  11. I loved the Cure as a teenager. I had Dinstegration on a loop. It’s basically perfect. I will probably never listen to them again. Too much raw teenage shit.

    1. Back in my wife’s goth clubbing days, there was this club that had a Depeche Mode vs. The Cure night. I wish I had known that back then, she said it was an awesome night

  12. Plainsong is an incredible album opener, maybe the best ever. The thought of actually listening to it is unbearable though. Weird.

    1. “I think it’s dark and it looks like it’s rain, you said
      And the wind is blowing like it’s the end of the world, you said
      And it’s so cold, it’s like the cold if you were dead
      And then you smiled for a second

      I think I’m old and I’m feeling pain, you said
      And it’s all running out like it’s the end of the world, you said
      And it’s so cold, it’s like the cold if you were dead
      And then you smiled for a second

      Sometimes you make me feel
      Like I’m living at the edge of the world”

      ugh i’m jumping down a well now and staying there

  13. I still enjoy The Cure. I wouldn’t say I listen to them regularly. But every once in awhile a song comes on, and I still like it.

  14. Apparently our company founder wrote a book, so we have to spend 90 minutes in a teleconference this afternoon listening to him talk about it and read samples from it

    *runs to the bathroom to shout swear words*

      1. His quarterly conference calls have to be seen to be believed. He tries so hard to be “cool” so he holds a beer the entire time and takes noisy sips every few minutes

      1. That’s really the only reason why I like some of the meetings we have. That’s an hour/hour and a half of killng time listening to some gibberish

        1. Most of my staff meetings are just teachers fighting or sniping at each other. It was fun the first few times. It’s gotten old.

  15. I think people sometimes think The Cure were all Friday I’m In Love and Boys Don’t Cry and it’s like no they were 9 minute songs of absolute anguish and despair

  16. Mikey, you should talk about John Cena a lot on your date. And mention the Geekery! She’ll love that!

  17. I’ve seen so many characters die in GoT that having a major character brought BACK from the dead seems… idk cheating. I’m uncomfortable with it

    1. Missouri just pleded a public partnership if they want to build one of the Hyperloops from Kansas City to St. Louis with just one stop in between in Columbia

  18. Matt….you should download Alice Cooper on WTF with Marc Maron. It’s great I could listen to Alice all day he has stories about everybody. He has a frank story…

    actually all of you should listen to that one

    1. Wayne Campbell: So, do you come to Milwaukee often?
      Alice Cooper: Well, I’m a regular visitor here, but Milwaukee has certainly had its share of visitors. The French missionaries and explorers were coming here as early as the late 1600s to trade with the Native Americans.
      Pete: In fact, isn’t “Milwaukee” an Indian name?
      Alice Cooper: Yes, Pete, it is. Actually, it’s pronounced “mill-e-wah-que” which is Algonquin for “the good land.”
      Wayne Campbell: I was not aware of that.
      Alice Cooper: I think one of the most interesting aspects of Milwaukee is the fact that it’s the only major American city to have elected three socialist mayors.
      Wayne Campbell: Does this guy know how to party or what!
      Alice Cooper: …
      Wayne Campbell: Okay. Well, we better get going.

  19. So our government has just started it’s own version of D.A.R.E and it’s already fucking intolerable.

  20. Alice Cooper’s phone would ring at 2 in the morning, he’d pick up

    “Alice? it’s groucho…. I can’t sleep come over” and alice and groucho marx would watch tv at 3 in the morning with Groucho going… see that actress there…. Harpo and Chico both had her

  21. The Fermi Paradox is an interesting one. Kind of makes me sad though. I want an Alien to live in my house and try to eat my cat and have catchphrases.

    1. It is the worst….but now i have no management interference which is usually great, but sometimes bad. But mostly great, they asked me if i wanted to go home early since i’ve been swamped this week. I said no though because my wife works from home and i don’t want to sit around her. hahahaha

  22. Looking at Oscar winners. Shakespeare In Love beating Saving Private Ryan is pretty laughable. But I know awards are completely fucking subjective, but still…seems kind of insane.

      1. Crash was pretty good. I would never watch it again, and it wasn’t the best film of that year, but it was okay.

        1. It was fine I guess beyond the ham-fisted “Racism is bad!” message, but both Brokeback, Good Night and Good Luck, and probably Munich were way better.

    1. I’m curious what Smith says on the next Hollywood Babbleon. Their relationship already strained, the wife seems a feminazi

  23. WB was a fun station to watch. The CW didn’t really do anything different from the WB until they started going super hero show heavy.

      1. WB didn’t want to pay for the show anymore, so UPN stepped in and said they wanted it, so they gave them a 2 year deal. And that’s what they got. Season 6 and 7.

          1. I knew what you meant.

            I’d probably go:
            1. 2
            2. 5
            3. 3
            4. 4
            5. 7
            6. 1
            7. 6

            4 and 7 fluctuate.

          2. Yeah, I think it’s pretty universal that 2, 3 and 5 are the best 3 seasons. What order changes depending on preferences.

    1. We lost our UPN affiliate a few months into 2000 so our entire city had to pirate tapes of Smackdown, Star Trek and Buffy

  24. I thought Tom Welling would be a bigger star after Smallville.

    But I also think the same was probably said for Christopher Reeve.

    Maybe it’s a Superman thing.

        1. Well, he made four Superman movies and three weren’t very good. That’ll kill any career. But between I and, say, III he was easily one of the top stars in the world.

        2. Given the fact he’s still revered as the best Superman and is still seen as the benchmark for superhero casting…he’s done good

        3. Other than the Superman movies, the only other Reeve movie I remember is that terrible remake of Village of the Damned.

          1. How about the one were he has a coin, flips it, travels back in time and falls in love with Jane Seymour then finds the coin in jacket on his wedding day, looks at the date and wakes back up in the 1980’s?

          1. It’s the best. I have no idea how your wife has survived this long without a place to take TI just to like…get the fuck away for a few hours lol

          2. My parents never had daycare, they just dropped me off at my grandmother’s when they wanted a break, then they were shocked when I bonded with her and not them. Well, what did you expect, I spend more time with her than I do with you bastards!

          3. My wife’s mom always offers but my joke is usually “Oh it’s fine I’ll just take him to daycare. I don’t want him spending all his time with you anyway, I’ve seen your work.”

          1. He claims that he bought them on DVD, watched them all, and threw it in the trash.

          2. …it’s only been available for like a week your father-in-law could really teach me something about binge watching

          3. Yeah the last five episodes barely aired for the first time like a week ago. Seriously your FIL is amazing lol

  25. Here’s what I think happened with my Father-in-Law and the Vietnam Burns doc….

    He recorded them off PBS and onto a DVD (because he’s done that before), watched the first maybe 2 or 3 episodes, probably felt like it seemed leftist, or maybe even read a review on one of his right-wing websites saying it was leftist, and then decided not to watch the rest.

    1. Yeah there’s a lot of panic on the subreddits about how it doesn’t portray us as the Most Best Ever which…I mean I don’t even know how they were supposed to spin all that into something positive for our nation

      1. I don’t get why he gets mad about that. We clearly shouldn’t have been in that war. Just because people say as such doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate how the troops worked. It’s not like we’re saying anything is the troops’ fault.

        I’ve never understood the defense by a lot of the veterans, other than I guess they don’t want to admit even now that they were involved in something completely avoidable.

        1. I get it for vets, it’s hard to come to grips with the idea that you watched a bunch of your friends die for a war that did nothing. So like…I get being into that level of denial considering what they went through.

          People that never went though I feel like they can just be honest.

          1. Yeah, I think that’s exactly it. Who wants to say to themselves that they killed people, and people they knew were killed for nothing?

          2. A lot of those guys grew up with the legend of WWII hanging over their heads, too. So not getting the parades and adulation and such that their dads and grandfathers got had to piss them off as well.

          3. Basically the first 10 years of Vietnam are all guys just like that, “My dad was a hero so war is awesome so yaaaaaay I get to go to a war!” Then they came and obviously the country didn’t really feel that way.

      2. People are mad because they feel America has spent too much time apologizing for all the awful shit we’ve done, pointing out that other countries never do that. There may be some truth in that, I don’t know.

  26. If you’re that defensive about your position on the war though, why even attempt to watch it? lol….just seemed like it was clear he was going to hate it.

    I mean, he hated the Civil War by Burns (because it told the truth, and he’s southern) and LOVED The War by Burns (because we were the good guys and completely in the right).

    So he should have seen where this was going based on his beliefs and previous experience watching Burns.

        1. I keep meaning to ask, you watched a bunch of Simpsons back in the day, right? So much of that was referencing other pop culture things it must be like a totally different show to you.

          1. Yeah, not judging, different strokes for different folks and good funny can stand on its own without what it was referencing, just would be wild to watch it coming in clean so to speak. Family Guy would be near unwatchable in that regard for how heavy, often, on the nose they use references as a crutch.

            At least something like the Scorpio episode works whether you ever watched a Bond flick or not. (not a bond person but You Only Move Twice is in my top 5 eps)

        1. Ooof I got two paragraphs in. That’s something (hey like Scott’s writing actually) that I’d have been into at 17 but at 37 just seems desperate and pathetic (hey like Scott’s writing actually)

          1. Yeah, just awful.

            Let’s say he’s in it completely for selfish reasons.

            Who the fuck cares?

          2. I didn’t get that far. He was saying Reeve was in it for selfish reasons? Like he…went to his job and got paid…for selfish reasons? Is that?

            You know what I don’t care I cannot fall into this, taking the boy I’ll be back in 20 lol

          3. Scott has gotten way better than when I first started reading his rants in the late 90s. If I read those for the first time today, I would have never liked him.

          4. I just mean the whole idea of “Look at how much I can hate this!!! Isn’t this entertaining?” Not really, not anymore at least. I grew up, my bad.

  27. You’d think a film directed by John Carpenter and featuring Christopher Reeve, Mark Hamill, Linda Kozlowski and Kirstie Allie would be at least entertaining, but the 1995 version of Village of the Damned was really bad. Didn’t help that the original is one of my favorite sci-fi/horror movies.

    1. “He didn’t care about paralysis before he became paralyzed!” No shit, that’s how it works with most human beings, we don’t think about shit until it hits home.

  28. Curriculum bigwig asking for where documentation went she needs asap. ….as far as I can tell, she was the one that erased it based on google docs revision history ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  29. The Monopoly Man that protested the Equifax hearing is doing an AMA here is her/his (he/she is a nonbinary trans person, also I can’t believe explaining this is taking longer than the actual post I wanted to write) favorite moment from the tape:

    1. nonbinary trans person?

      I try to be as open and liberal as possible, but what the fuck does that even mean? They aren’t made of 1’s and 0’s?!

      1. A trans person that somehow also doesn’t identify as male or female. I think. I think that’s what it means. I’m pretty sure. Who the fuck even knows?

          1. I wish opting out of this planet was an option. I continue to watch what SpaceX is doing and when they will send people who have $25 and a coupon for 15% off oil changes at Jiffy Lube to Mars.

    1. I don’t have strong opinions of that place. Don’t remember the last time I went there to eat. I have drank there more than ate

      1. Edna ordered a dress too. It’s happening. It’s happening at jello wrestling actually. Next weekend is going to be most ex.

  30. I have become super snob about the chain restraunt places like Applebee’s, Friday’s chilis ruby tuesdays…. no thanks you can get 10 times better food for the same price or a couple bucks more at local places

          1. …..see I was going to give him a chance that maybe it was small town living where Olive Garden and Chili’s was a night on the town but……Oakland… can’t tell me there aren’t a dozen great places to eat with in a block or two

          2. I don’t even want to be judgmental I want to help people. I used to live that way. I grew up in a Applebee’s O Charilie’s Texas Road House is a “fancy” dinning experience. I have learned we all deserve better and I want to help educate.

    1. The only chain I like is Outback. And it’s only because of the bloomin’ onion. The rest can go to hell.

  31. I’ve come around on chains again because they’re generally loud, i.e. more kid-friendly. For us it’s either Chili’s or the 99 (New England based chain).

    Friday’s and Applebee’s are fucking terrible.

  32. The only chain I really like is Denny’s, I appreciate that they don’t pretend to be awesome like Friday’s or Applebee’s. They’re just like, “Yeah you’re drunk and want eggs, come eat our eggs asshole.”

  33. I don’t really know the difference or what makes Friday’s, Applebee’s or Chili’s good or not good. I just go to those places for happy hour. If I get food, It won’t be more than a burger or some appetizer that’s hard to fuck up.

      1. Exactly. I’m not sure where people are getting such strong opinions on these places from. Maybe they go there thinking they will get some fancy dining experience? lol

  34. I blew out a tire driving home last night from work. Now, I have to bring it in for an oil change and at least a tire rotation if not a realignment. And my wife needs brakes.

    Plus, this Saturday and Sunday are these child birthing classes. Joy!

      1. Fucking road construction. Wasnt a pothole but something I hit that took out a chunk of my tire. I had to drive a half-mile to a gas station so I could change it there because I didnt feel like getting killed changing a tire on an on ramp

          1. Yeah, not waiting like an asshole after midnight when I can do it myself and get the fuck home.

  35. There’s a western chain called Shari’s that is the best. It’s like Denny’s but slightly higher tier and they make their own pies and they’re all made of sex. You can buy a whole pie when you pay it’s like something out of my grandparents world I love it.

  36. Never, ever, ever get a mixed drink at Friday’s. My sister worked there years back and brought the drink recipe book home to memorize. Even the Long Island Iced Tea only has 1.5 shots of alcohol in it. You might as well stay home and eat sugar cubes.

      1. Chili’s seems to be, or at least used to be, a bit less stringent about that. Like they’d kinda sorta measure, but still put a little extra tequila in the margaritas.

    1. I was at a Joe’s Crab Shack once and the guy was arguing about how weak his drink was and that he would pay for more booze in it but they were like…that’s all we can do. I got the guy’s point and understood but at the same time he was coming off sounding like a complete alcoholic

      1. Yep…don’t go to a chain and expect a stiff drink unless you know the bartender. Go to a local joint if you want to get hooked up.

  37. I don’t like to pay $40 for me, my wife and my kid to eat microwaved fried foods that taste like nothing. Maybe that’s just me.

          1. We were saying down there the only reason to go to any of these restaraunts is for their happy hour, not the food.

        1. We go and get our meat and chicken etc from a small town butcher every saturday. It’s cheaper than the grocery store and way better

  38. Once cool thing about being by where Comic con is happening is that you catch some hot cosplaying chicks walking around. Like one had a trench coat on and that 5th Element outfit under it. You know the one.

  39. I go to Applebees every Sunday night because my buddy is the bartender and “forgets” to charge me for every other beer. Usually I don’t eat, if I do I get an appetizer since you know you’re getting junk food

      1. Mine is doing $1 margaritas now. Apparently they went through 38 large bottles of tequila on the first night and had to postpone until they got more

  40. I want like 25 moz sticks for lunch. I am a grown fucking man so I can do that and no one can tell me no*

    *when they’re at work

      1. Everyone is so much better. I took the boy to daycare today just to get him out of here for awhile and let him see some people that isn’t me lol

  41. I visit this coffee shop every morning where the barista occasionally slips in a free slice of cake or pie.

      1. “Here’s your coffee, and I hooked you up with a slice of lemon meringue bro, no worries.”
        “Hey thanks. Did you hear about the genocide in Shitistan?”

  42. I’m honestly in a bit of a oh no I only have like 3 more meals before she gets back and..I get back on the diet…by Monday at least. What do I eat what do I eat??!?

    It is not helped by it being first Friday today AND their is a fountain square music fest so this area will be a disaster …the main strip has a giant stage in the middle of it so I’ll probably avoid down here.

    1. Your wife is coming home after a week and you’re counting down to when you have to go back on your diet…

      You and I count down to a wife return very very very differently.

      1. Its entertaining in a way but its really not. Guys like Steven Crowder, Gavin McInnes, Ben Shapiro, Alonzo Rachel, etc.

        1. I don’t mind those guys so much when they’re just babbling their dumb opinions. When they start addressing famous people like anyone is listening is when it gets super laughable to me. Like that Crowder clip you showed me “Hey John Oliver! Here’s what I have to say!” it’s like…dude John Oliver isn’t listening to you and your bitchin 45k views.

    1. I got super scared I watched some of that Ben Shapiro guy and there was at least two or three times where I was like “well this guy is a dink but on this ONE thing…hmm…”

    2. I watched 2 minutes of a Stefan Molyneux video and I already got serious mass shooter vibes from the guy.

  43. So a few days ago I was talking about Alex Jones and all his products and I had looked it up to get names right and such….now when I go to websites his BS products are the ads that keep popping up for me. I just keep thinking…oh no…what have I done…

          1. *Does the HHH Walk of Respect where I expect a big ovation as I head to the back but everyone shits all over it instead.*

  44. My favorite underrated Beatle song is You Better Run….because smack dab in the middle of Beatlemania John some how got a song out there about if he catches his girl cheating on him he is going to murder her…….that ….is….amazing!

  45. Steven Crowder and Amy Schumer from years ago about sex before marriage. Crowder has the most punchable face on the planet.

    1. I want to click on that really bad but I know it will spin me into the same hell you’re in and I’m over here listening to Beatles instead

      1. That’s how you know it was shit honestly, they were down to picking up the bottom dregs of radio personalities for their television show

  46. I suppose i will flip between the baseball and US-Panama tonight to see if we really are trying to set soccer back 30 years

  47. Listening to Manson’s The Pale Emperor from 2015 before checking out the new record. This really was an underrated album. Very dark very broody, great atmosphere. No singles or anything but probably his best work since 2000

    1. The Onion’s “Marilyn Manson Going Door to Door Trying to Shock People” is still pretty much my all time favorite Onion article.

      1. He definitely went through a weird adjustment phase. His mid 00s albums where he’s trying to shock but nobody gives a shit are frankly embarrassing (particular nadir: Pretty As A Swastika). Then he got a bit more serious. Not sure what the new ones gonna be like

  48. Watching the Tet Offensive episode. There is too much madness to even describe. They attack like 36 cities and 20 Army bases all at the same time in the middle of the night.

  49. 1. Revolver
    2. Rubber Soul
    3. Sgt. Pepper
    4. Abbey Road
    5. The Beatles (White Album)
    6. Help!
    7. Beatles For Sale
    8. A Hard Days Night
    9. Let It Be
    10. Magical Mystery Tour

  50. Ooooooh jesus fucking christ they have execution to the head guy (that famous photo) on film and in color including the blood just pouring out of his head jesus

  51. 1. Exile on Main Street
    2. Let It Bleed
    3. Beggar’s Banquet
    4. Sticky Fingers
    5. Their Satanic Majesties Request
    6. Between The Buttons
    7. Goats Head Soup
    8. Tattoo You
    9. Some Girls
    10. Out of Our Heads

          1. I haven’t had bourbon in 3 days just to prove to my wife that I’m not an alcoholic.

            ….I can’t wait!

        1. Was he? Cause let’s think about this….there were no other giants, much less giant women so his companionship opportunities were small..he gets lonely and what is the only thing around to satisfy a man of that size? An ox…….

          1. I’ve owned lots of dress shoes and I guess they did have heels. I never ever had one fall off though I didn’t even know that was possible.

    1. Butchers are very common. They aren’t an old fashioned thing.

      Shoe repair as well. There is literally a shoe repair place in every retail area underground. Some subway stops have them too.

      People use these services. It isn’t rare.

      1. I agree with you. I don’t use these things but I see plenty of places to get your shoes shined or repaired. Many of them are indeed in subways.

  52. I seriously had no idea a heel could break off a shoe I’m looking at one of my shoes right now and it’s all one piece I don’t understand what’s happening right now

        1. For me it was boots I spent over 100 on and they were still in great shape other than holes in the heel of the sole. and it was like 20 something to fix it. I do not get sneakers or chucks repaired

    1. Things can rip the sole off. A pallette jack fucked up my shoe once. I had to get the cobbler to glue it back on. It was a mediocre job but it got my shoes through the winter

      That R is a bonus typo. Take it home with ya.

          1. I guess I was confused and it’s rare, initially I thought it was a thing that apparently happened all the time

  53. Here’s a brief snippet to explain one of the people that uses these stores, they’re from 1890 too: “I am heading off on a bucket-list trip in a week – a cattle drive with 20 girlfriends.”

  54. I’ve never used a cobbler.

    I’ve eaten cobbler. Peach is good with some vanilla bean ice cream, omg.

      1. Yeah I’m seeing lots of people that refer to their shoes by the brand name like “So I took my favorite Johnston&Murphy’s in” and it’s definitely not douchey at all lol

    1. Like i love my boots, but if i had to buy a new pair, fuck it, it’s just a new pair. But i also only own 1 pair of boots, one pair of sneakers, one pair of sandals, and one pair of work boots

      1. I generally just wear fairly cheap shoes and replace them when they wear out myself, but if you spend a few hundred dollars on a pair of shoes you would probably be willing to spend 30 bucks to fix them rather than buy a new pair.

        1. I see it for fixing and stuff, the wearing down I don’t really get because by the point they’re probably old enough to warrant a replacement anyway.

          These particular people doing the reviews on this page though, wow what a bunch of douches lol