Song of the Week: Alex Lahey – “Every Day’s The Weekend”

Few new artists can combine a sly wit with a catchy tune and kinetic energy. Unless you’re Alex Lahey!

The Melbourne songwriter’s sound and personality were fully-formed on last year’s B-Grade University EP. “Every Day’s The Weekend,” the first single off her upcoming debut, looks to take that success even further. The upbeat tune seems to be a slacker vibe, with a “fuck work” attitude and unrestrained disposition. But as Lahey says, it’s more about being in a new relationship, where everything is so positive that it overwhelms other aspects of your life.

“I wrote it about that feeling when you really like someone, you’re hanging out all the time, and the rest of your life falls by the wayside. So, the song is about losing sight of maybe what’s important to you as an individual for the supposed benefit of maybe spending time with someone else,” she said.

The lyrics may be deeper than at first glance. But the bouncy music and shoutable chorus brings across the endless opportunity of an open weekend. Lahey’s debut album, I Love You Like A Brother, is out on October 6 via Dead Oceans Records.