Trailer Thursdays – August 31

It’s once again time to take a look at some of the trailers that catch my as we look to the future to see what will entertain us in the coming months.

The thing I’m most excited about is PSYCH: THE MOVIE, coming to the USA Network this Christmas. To prepare us for the amazing moments to come, we got a tease earlier this week, as Shawn and Gus get in shape for the big event.

Sticking with TV, The CW released another trailer to promote the upcoming seasons of the network’s DC Comics shows:

We’re a little over a week away from the release of the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. We’re still getting trailers, though.

I don’t know anything about BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL, but the trailer looked cool, and really, what other reason do I need to post something here?

Let’s close this up with the latest trailer for MARVEL’S THE PUNISHER, the next Netflix show for the company. A lot of people are excited about this. I’m not, but I realize I’m in the minority. The release date is still being “redacted,” though.

I’ll let you guys take it from here.


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  1. I did my 30 minutes of Cardio on the bike last night and listened to Prince and Morris Day and The Time.

    It was quite a funky workout.

  2. Anybody seen the trailer for “Battle of the Sexes”? Steve Carrell as Bobby Riggs and Emma Stone as Billie Jean King. From Dayton & Ferris (Little Miss Sunshine). Looks like it will be good.

    Emma really looks great as King.

      1. “Longtime Riggs friend and business associate Lornie Kuhle said he was interviewed for the Outside The Lines story and was upset by the premise Riggs could have thrown the match against King.

        “I looked at (the reporter) and told him it was the most far-fetched
        story I’d ever heard,” Kuhle told the Herald & Review in Decatur,
        Ill. “Why would four mafia guys be in a golf pro shop at midnight? Why is the golf pro in there at midnight? I asked him, ‘Do you believe this (expletive)? I told him if he was looking for a scandal, there’s not one here.

        “It was a real match and he got beat,” Kuhle said. “Bobby didn’t
        purposely throw the match — it’s demeaning to the match and it’s all complete (expletive).””

        Doesn’t sound like it was ever really proven.

        1. “Mr. Ragano was emphatic,” Shaw recalls. “Riggs had assured him that the fix would be in — he would beat Margaret Court and then he would go in the tank” against King, but Riggs pledged he’d “make it appear that it was on the up and up.” …

          Finally, Shaw says, the men asked about Riggs’ price for the fix. “Ragano says, ‘Well, he’s going to [get] peanuts compared to what we’re going to make out of this, so he has asked for his debt to be erased.'” Riggs “has also asked for a certain amount of money to be discussed later to be put in a bank account for him in England,” Ragano told the men, according to Shaw.


          After nearly an hour, the four men stood up, shook hands and agreed they’d move forward with Riggs’ proposal, Shaw says.

    1. I really thought about taking off tomorrow since i have so much PTO built up. But 1) my job isn’t a drag 2) i have nothing i could go do 3) my wife works from home and would just nag me

      1. Yeah, I wasn’t going to take Friday off….but I’ve already built up like 90 hours of PTO since I moved here, so I figured why not.

          1. Unsuspecting cancer meeting girl is probably around 6.8 – 7.2. She’s cute, but not “blow you away” cute.

          1. How does one humblebrag?
            “yeah we went on a date and I escorted her to her house….AND TOOK HER TO SPACE MOUNTAIN!!!”

  3. Just watched the trial of tyrion Lannister of Joffreys murder.

    Peter dinkledge is so good when he demands a trial by combat.

  4. Which news magazine should I subscribe to?

    I feel like being more of an irritating liberal to my friends, family, and neighbors.

  5. I hate these quality alert cards that we have to fill out. The card gives you 5 “whys” to fill out as to why a defect occurred, when half the time it takes 2 or 3

      1. Not necessarily. The idea is that it can take up to five “whys” to figure out what the problem is but some of the Section Managers makes it seem like you HAVE to give 5 reasons. And a lot of the time the problem is pretty cut and dry

      1. Pretty much. It’s almost like a documentation version of Mindy from Animaniacs (the little girl with that dog)

  6. I haven’t seen Major League in a long time. Maybe I’ll watch that some time this week. That movie really gets Cleveland in the 80’s absolutely right from the opening.

  7. Buster Olney says the Indians win the World Series.

    Bold fucking prediction. But we do have the rotation and the depth. I don’t know who beats the Dodgers 4 times though.

    1. Although, it looks like the Dodgers have lost 4 straight, so maybe they aren’t an invincible as previously thought.

  8. Got my blood test results. Apparently I have a higher red blood cell count than normal, and also have a higher MCH (average amount of hemoglobin per red blood cell) than normal.

    This must mean I have some hitherto undiscovered superpower.

  9. I bought a new pair of Vans shoes yesterday for my trip to LA. True White Classic. I haven’t had a pair of white shoes in over a year since my last pair were trashed out.

    Still need to buy new dress shoes and another pair of casual shoes when I return.

      1. Just hate the manager, hes a doofus…and the marketing department for that “best fans in baseball” crap. Pretty sure they came up with thaty to spite the Red Sox when they got all the bandwagon fans in the early 2000’s

    1. High convoluted baseball math.. stands for Wins Above Replacement, All things being equal, the averagist of average players has a 0.00 score. Best player in the league has the highest score, worst player has the lowest.

    2. “It’s a made up stat from these pussy stat NERDS and their gay computers because they wanna take jobs from us old scouts who do things THE AMERICAN WAY – killing a 6 pack on the ride to the park and doing the good ol’ eyeball test on a prospect!”

    3. Wins Above Replacement. Basically how many wins a player adds to your team if he was replaced with replacement level player that is bad.

    4. How much better the players statistics are than an average player at their position.

      i.e. “Our first baseman hit 25 home runs this year!”

      “Neat. So did everyone elses.”

  10. “Conservative media host Tomi Lahren has joined Fox News in a contributor role, the cable news network announced Wednesday.”

    Um, I mean, where else would she go?

      1. 20-something year old pretty blonde who spouts Breitbart views because she was spoiled as a child and doesn’t understand the real world in any way, shape or form. But she’s pretty.

      1. All she said was if you are for government staying out of your business, you should be pro-choice. Everything else she says is fucking disgusting.

        1. Pro choice is pretty great for a Republican talking head.

          Good for her for being willing to disagree with her party on some issues. If only more on both sides of the aisle would follow suit, we’d be a happier country.

          1. I agree with that. I actually don’t care much for the medicare-for-all plan being touted by Sanders and Harris. I don’t like the quickness with which they believe they can change healthcare. It’s way more complicated than it needs to be.

          1. And it’s op-eds. The entire point of the exercise is that you won’t agree with them.

            Might as well start burning books of opposing ideas, y’know?

          2. It’s an OPPOSING opinion editorial. You aren’t supposed to agree with it. You politely hear them out and disagree.

          3. by a guy who just happens to own the largest mercenary army in the world? that’s some conflict of interest shit.

          4. That’s why he’s the opposing opinion and is debating his side of it.

            It’s not the Times actual opinion.

        1. I go back and forth. I’m starting to have a really hard time accepting Fangraphs Pitcher WAR because I sometimes have a hard time taking FIP too seriously.

  11. Guy at work, repeatedly: Don’t know if anyone knows this but the dishwasher is full!

    Me *thinking*: You could always, I dunno, empty it or start a rinse cycle yourself?

    1. I hate dishwasher politics. At my last job I made a point of not ever using it because I wanted to always be able to absolve myself of the arguments about who was loading, unloading, running, whatever. Mister_E has never put a dish into it, nor taken a dish out of it. Mister_E doesn’t care about your drama.

      At this job we have an assistant who is responsible for it.

      1. That must have been a fun job interview.
        Applicant: “I have six sigma certification and considerable experience in leveraging assets to optimize rate of return on critical projects.”
        Interviewer: “Great. Know how to run a dishwasher?”

        1. More like “I have no particular education or relevant skills, but I’d like a decent 9-5 office job that pays relatively well.”

          Interviewer: “Ok, we need someone to issue certificates, pull files, and do other odd jobs. You’re hired.”

          1. It’s becoming rarer, but lower level positions at insurance companies have traditionally been filled by people who you might look at as unqualified. The trick is that the jobs don’t actually require any particular qualification and can be easily and quickly learned on the job.

      1. Why is he a saint? Because for myself, and I suspect many others, I would never invite an addict into my home to lie to me over the course of many months. Particularly one that I wasn’t even related to. I respect that he did that.

        Why did I only just watch it? Because I don’t watch much TV.

  12. wow so I don’t think I’ve watched much amazon prime on computer if you mouse over the screen all the actors currently on the screen’s pictures come up and you can click over and look at their bio… that seems a lot of work for someone

  13. Mark Zuckerberg should write a New York times editorial on how online privacy is actually overrated,and we should all give our personal information to him.

        1. That’s why they identify who is making the case and usually have someone arguing for online privacy on the other half of the page.

    1. Nah. Just Madhav doing his “fly off the handle and act like a liberal in the exact way conservatives see us” sort of way.

  14. When interleague play was introduced in 1994 they had Keith Olbermann write an op-ed against the concept while the other side of the page had Bud Selig writing an opinion for it.

          1. The league also was non-competitive in general. Its why we have fire sales every trading deadline.

      1. Curse of Olbermann.

        He’s technically right, but he makes a case in such a manner you don’t want to be on his side.

      2. Someone please explain to me why half the teams play with different rules than the other half. In what other sport would this be remotely acceptable?

  15. Things Princess Di missed out on:

    – The Montreal Screwjob
    – Star Wars Episode I
    – Y2K
    – The InVasion
    – September 11, 2001
    – The War on Terror
    – Indian Ocean Tsunami
    – Hurricane Katrina
    – Scott Keith switching from LiveJournal to WordPress, leading to the creation of RSPWFA2
    – Podcasts
    – Boise State’s Statue of Liberty Play to beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl
    – Plaxico Burress making an insane catch and later shooting himself
    – Obama
    – Breaking Bad
    – The Marvel Cinematic Universe
    – Death of Osama Bin Laden
    – Brexit
    – The creation of the Casual Geekery

          1. Let’s ask TatR if the British are as lax to nudity as the rest of Europe. Seeing random boobs and playing card games while drinking is an everyday occurrence over there

    1. Other Things She Missed:

      Red Sox breaking The Curse
      Hogan’s return to WWE
      Cubs winning the World Series
      Fuller House
      The Simpsons Movie

  16. Baseball used to do it right. No reward for sucking. Top two teams play for the pennant. Then those winners play for the belt. Wild card is just a Canadian term for not good enough

    1. There are so many teams it’d be tough to do that now. At least they’re not letting everyone in like the NBA and NHL

      1. I don’t care. If 22 teams are out of it by August who cares? Nothing wrong with just watching the pennant races. I still say ’93 with SF and Atl duking it out is the best one of my generation. Both won 100 games but one team had to stay home.

        1. I was just getting into baseball at that age and have a small memory of that season. IIRC, Matt Williams was crying after the season was done.

          1. Pitching wasn’t bad either. I think Nen was the closer and he was one of the best. Had a good starting rotation too with Burkett and the gang

    2. The MLB draft is a scam too. Foreign talent should be included and players dictate where they go for the most part.

          1. The Japanese players have bidding wars. The Latin guys get lent and sand for all their troubles.

        1. And players should have to declare before the draft, none of this shit about going back to school if the Padres will draft you

    3. They figured out they can make more money by playing more games. Same thing with hockey. Used to be that the early playoff rounds were best of three. Then they expanded to best of five. Now every series is best-of-seven and they don’t get around to the Stanley Cup finals until June.

  17. The only good thing about interleague play with no DH is watching John Farrell embarrass himself with his complete inability to grasp the rules.

  18. Petco park really seems to have killed the Padres franchise. I mean they’re stupid as shit and have had terrible management, but why would you wanna go to that park if you’re a hitter.

          1. They didn’t win a World Series till 1980….that in itself is hilarious enough to me. Just sad the first time they got good was when the A’s were floundering so the A’s had to go

          2. The A’s have traditionally been the cheapest team in professional sports (outside of the bengals), who somehow would catch lightning in a bottle ever 20 years or so.

    1. I think constantly decking themselves out in Army colors when they are in a gigantic Navy city isn’t helping.

        1. San Diego is a gigantic Navy base city because it’s at the very southwestern coast. It’s pretty much the entry point for the Pacific islands.

        2. Yeah depending on what base is there, sure. San Diego has several major Navy bases and the west coast Marine Corps boot camp is there too.

          No one in San Diego is from San Diego. It’s not uncommon at San Diego Padre games to see more away team gear than home team gear. It’s kind of fun if you watch your own team play there because it’s basically like seeing a home game in a different city.

          1. When I lived in San Diego for a few years my circle of friends included one person actually from there.

      1. Also continuing to double down on being a navy and white colored team when everyone wants some form of brown to come back

        1. Hahaha, nope. I stayed half a mile away from it for four nights and never got there.

          It’s become some weird inside joke where I never see NY parks. Last year I was in the bar connected to the park and still never quite made it in the door.

          It keeps me having an excuse to go back!

  19. Petco is definitely one of the strangest parks in the country. It’s a park where you can tell the main focus in the building wasn’t baseball but more the “fun outdoor atmosphere.” They were like ok let’s build shops and a dog park and some apartments and a nice esplanade and….oh shit we should cram in a place to play baseball too…

      1. Fuck you.

        also, I just had an involuntary 5 day weekend. I was sick for 3 days. It was weird.

        I sometimes have this thing I think of as heartburn or acid reflux (though I have no idea if that’s what it actually is) that happens when I eat too much too late. Sun night I had beef ribs at home for dinner, and later indulged in some candy. I woke up a few times throughout the night having issues with bile and vomit, including once where I was literally choking on it. Not fun. Had real trouble breathing, and that led into a shortness of breath on Mon, Tues & Wed. I thought I was going into work Wed am, but just taking a fucking shower made me feel run down and out of breath. I went to a Fastcare local clinic hoping to avoid a trip to the ER. I think she almost made me go, but instead prescribed prednisone. I’m already on advair and I have an inhaler; have for years, but before this happened, I was BARELY using the inhaler because of my weight loss. Not sure what this was that kicked my ass, and it’s happened a few times before, but it was less than pleasant.

  20. I haven’t been to many baseball stadiums.

    The Jake. The old Three Rivers (Pittsburgh…woof). The old Riverfront (Cincy…woof).

    That’s about it.

      1. Wow man, that is so cool that you have been able to do all of those stadiums.

        So you’ve even been to the ones in Texas?

          1. Right now:

            1) Camden Yards
            2) BuschIII
            3) AT&T
            4) SafeCo
            5) PNC
            6) Dodger
            7) Fenway
            8) Atlanta
            9) Citizens Bank
            10) The Jake

          2. Its one of my favorite cities in the country. No delusions there. No one crows about how “we’re just the very best city and don’t mention one little thing wrong with it because it’s the best best best best.” None of that crap.

    1. I’ve only been to Skydome, and many years ago both Exhibition Place in Toronto, and Olympic Stadium in Montreal. I don’t really remember those well. I would like to attend a baseball in other stadiums now just to see what all the talk about differences is.

        1. The first game I ever went to at Three Rivers was against the Mets and we sat in right field chanting “DAAAAAAARRRR-RRRRYYYYYLLLLL” the entire game. And Andy Van Slyke homered.

  21. The Daily Hollywood Headline Roundup!

    First up Hollywood is remaking Lord of the Flies…. HOLD UP THOUGH!!!! ALL-FEMALE CAST ……….because yeah….

    Fox plans a “big Oscar push” for War of the planet of the apes. This will include an actor nomination for Serkis….which I call bullshit on

    Guillermo Del Toro’s Romantic monster movie (which you can see the trailer of else where) has been receiving rave reviews. It opens here Dec. 8th

    More about the Joker non chronological movie he will be ” a kid, he had a permanent smile and everyone made fun of him” because that is what we want a bullied as a kid Joker movie

    Filming has begun on the De Niro Pachino Keitel, Pesci gangster movie directed by Scorsese for netflix. It’s expected to be a late 2018 release

    Punisher’s Jon Bernthal has joined La La Land director Damien Chazelle’s astronaut drama “First Man”

    He will be playing Dave Scott who was with Armstrong in Gemini VIII

    Bernthal is a bit of a hot item right now having appeared in 4 films in 2 months (baby driver, Wind River, Shot Caller and Pilgrimage while having just wrapped filming on Steve McQueen’s Windows and is about to start shooting The accountant sequel shortly….. also Punisher is expected to hit netflix before the end of the year.

    Amy Schumer is about to film a new movie called I feel pretty where “Schumer is portraying a woman who struggles with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy on a daily basis, but awakens from a fall, believing she’s suddenly the most beautiful and capable person on the planet.”…yep

    Allen Leech has been added to the cast of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie as Freddie Mercury’s manager

    A trailer is out for season 3 of Mr. Robot season 3 you all won’t watch and will be lesser because of it.

    Because I know she is popular around these parts Amazon has put up a trailer for their new series Tin Star. Starring Tim Roth and the ever popular Christina Hendricks. Roth plays a former British detective now small town Canada police chief with an alcoholic alter ego. Trailer looks promising with Tim Roth doing Tim Roth stuff

    Finally Bram Stokers Dracula fans rejoice. Keanue and Winona are reuniting for Destination Wedding they are “two miserable and unpleasant wedding guests who develop a mutual affection despite themselves over the course of the weekend event.” I hope at one point he leaves to do something and comes back so that she can ask him are you back? “yeaahhhh I’M THINKING I’M BACK!!!!”

    Anyway that’s the Latest Hot Gos from Hollyweird #RIPEnglandRose

    1. They can’t actually be doing Lord of the Flies with an all female cast. That can’t be a thing lmfao, the whole fucking point of the book is that…y’know, nevermind. Of course they are.

        1. I’ve always wondered what would happen if a bunch of girls were left to their own devices I can’t wait to explore what goes on when girls are left without societal rules and…jesus this is gonna be baaaaaad

          1. Sometimes they all make out and play with each other…other times they throw bloody tampons at one another and kill

    2. ” First up Hollywood is remaking Lord of the Flies…. HOLD UP THOUGH!!!! ALL-FEMALE CAST”

      Way to miss the entire fucking point of that book.

    1. I like it…and i have never done weed and most movies that use it not to my liking, but Super Troopers was great fun.

      1. You’d be surprised at the amount of women who think a LEGO Millennium Falcon is cool! I’ve slept with, umm, both girls that have seen it!

  22. “We knew the name Piggy would never play in 2017 so we changed the characters name to Pansy. It has the same effect because a Pansy is one of the least pretty flowers and it starts with the letter P so our fans will understand where we’re going.”

    1. “in the end we decided to make them all strong powerful female characters!. the divide is some label themselves feminists and some do not. But all of them are strong and independent”

  23. “At the start of the book the pilot dies on the beach, leaving the girls alone to attempt to survive. The pilots death marks both the end of adult leadership and reminds all the girls of their terrible fathers who were never there for them. The first hour of the movie the girls realize that they don’t need a man they’re strong and independent. It’s a story about girls overcoming gender norms and figuring out that they can make fire too.”

  24. What’ is great is this movie appeals to no one. Feminists are crapping on it on twitter and such so you aren’t winning over that group… the other side of that equation won’t go see it and everyone in the middle are equally… this makes no sense

  25. “Hey I figured out how to feel really good inside all it takes is some candle light, a private part of the jungle and a big plantain.”

    1. I never quite understood why he was the god of CGI. He is unpleasant to look at he should be thanking his stars that CGI exists so he can get into movies in the first place.

    2. Meh, a guy being nominated for an award from his peers or the press doesn’t really matter to me as hollywood just loves to give awards to itself and love itself. None of it really means anything.

  26. I’m trying to think of a good parallel for this, like some story where the cast being women was a key part of the plot and coming up with nothing.

  27. Ralph = Rachel (played by Jennifer Lawrence)

    Piggy = Petunia (played by Emma Watson)

    Jack = Jane (played by Margot Robbie)

    Simon = Sarah (played by Zoe Saldana)

    Roger = Rebecca (played by Selena Gomez)

    Sam and Eric = Stephanie and Elizabeth (played by Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza)

    Littluns = various Disney Channel actresses

    Navy Officer that rescues the kids and degrades them for their lawlessness: Halle Berry

    Dead pilot = some male actor

      1. And that’s still too old!

        My big takeaway was that these were like 8-10 year olds and the capacity for war is in us from birth. I think I’d actually be more annoyed at aging the characters than gender swapping them.

          1. Like even if it’s a bunch of 7-10 year old girls, that would still be workable.

            But it’s like “Teenagers turning into violent factions? Oh no!”

  28. LOL a bunch of catty bitches stranded on an island and yeah they are definitely going to put a pig’s head on a stick. LOL.

  29. “She just won’t quit sweeping the hut I told her the floor is dirt she’s never going to be done sweeping but she just keeps on going…”

  30. I have a daughter. Maybe I’m being a madhav here, but I don’t see the problem with female versions of male books or movies. If they want to make an all-male Babysitter’s Club movie, I’m all for that too.

    1. It’s silly and heavy handed and only reinforces the idea that girls only get their version of stuff made for guys.

      I didn’t much like Hunger Games but at least it was designed for girls, it was their thing. This is taking something for boys, making it a lot shittier and passing it off like they’re doing someone a favor.

      1. I guess. There’s way more roles like helpless Bella in the goddamn twilight movies than there are strong Katnis movies though.

        1. Then to go along with what Marv says make a story of girls stranded. Don’t take a very specific story that is very specific to being about boys stranded and make it all girls

      2. What I never get is why tie it to the original, just make it Chick Island or whatever, same story, no baggage. Using Hunger Games again, they didn’t call it Battle Royal (or whatever the author hacked it off of). Less issues

          1. True though that seems to be less and less a positive marketing spin these days and just reason for people to go nuts.

        1. Oh because it’s not breaking ground and making a statement unless we understand that it’s an all female version of something that came before.

          If it was just a movie it would be…just a movie. That’s no good. It’s important we understand how revolutionary this is, to sacrifice plot for gimmick.

        1. And I just don’t see any real value to something like that. It seems like girls chasing what the boys have instead of doing their own thing.

          A story of stranded girls might be interesting, especially if they show the potential sociological differences (good AND bad) of what an all female society might look like. But calling it a remake is dumb, and especially if they just retell the same basic story but all the boys happen to have vaginas, then that’s really dumb. Granted we don’t know that it would be a flat retelling, I’m just saying that if it is then that’s dumb.

          1. It’s that first paragraph that gets me. I’m all about girls having their own thing I think that’s very important. Their thing shouldn’t be a shitty version of a boys thing though. “Honey I know you like playing with your brothers Lego so I got you some of your own Lego only a lot of the pieces don’t fit, some of them are melted and they only combine to make ovens and vacuums never a car or plane. K, we good now right?”

      1. I’m preeeetty sure I’ve read it but it may just be a cultural osmosis type thing where it’s been referenced and ripped off enough times I’ve gotten it through that.

    1. I hated reading books in school lol. I always cheated and got either Cliff’s Notes or tried to skim it. I never really have been much of a fiction reader, and really the only time I started to enjoy books were George Orwell books, which had a political point, which I DID have interest in.

      1. I hated being told WHAT to read, always had outside books on me I’d dive into the second a teacher lost control (nerrrrrrrrd)

  31. I wouldn’t mind gender swaps of characters in stories where the gender dynamics are integral to the plot.

    Like if A Star is Born is remade with an aging woman and a young male, that would be interesting.

  32. I’d be interested to see what the American Revolutionary War would look like with an all female army. They should make that movie.

  33. “Let’s put the pigs head on a stake.”
    “Oh I am so not touching that.”
    “No way, grodie.”
    “But we have to put the head on a…”
    “OMG did you hear Kathleen touched the pigs head she’s so gross.”
    “Yeah that’s just nasty.”
    “I would never touch a pigs head.”
    “Yeah me either.”
    “Anyway I hope a man saves us.”

    1. And this pig will be broiled (broiled)
      I’ll cook it all up for us
      Over the fire we’ll build a truss

      Ok it’s early whatever

  34. I have to take the rental car back today. I told them I wasn’t taking it further east than Montana. They’re going to be mighty confused when they get a bill for New York City bridge tolls.

      1. It was some bridge between the Harlem area and Queens, when I went across is snapped a photo of my plate I was just like “Welp…I guess they’ll know now won’t they” lol

          1. Lol, nah it’s just been sitting in the driveway. Even the thought of getting back into that thing just to drive down to the airport fills me with dread.

  35. For like a year there my wife was saying “cray cray” a lot and it made me gnash my teeth and drool like Chunk. To stop her I went on a long tirade about how everything couldn’t be cray cray that left no room for stuff that was just normally crazy and that there should be a demarcation between stuff that is actually crazy and just regular crazy. So I came up with the word craygular to describe stuff that is regularly crazy and when she’d say something was cray cray I’d ask if it was really cray cray or just craygular. She never says cray cray anymore I don’t know what happened we were having so much fun.

    1. I’ve been yelling at my wife for three days to get new pics and videos of Xannie so I can send you fresh material but it’s like she doesn’t even care that we’re basically children.

      1. I and Blanche very much enjoyed Daredevil 1 and 2 and Jessica Jones. Luke Cage has been solid but not as great in our opinion. I’ve only watched ep 1 of Defenders
        haven’t watched any metal fisting

        1. I just can’t get into Daredevil. I’ve tried watching episode 2 about 17 times. It’s taken me 6 months, and I’m still halfway through the 2nd episode.

    1. My understanding is that Texans are not shy about sharing the gas bill, if you know what I mean.

      Wink wink, nudge nudge.

      1. Thanks….i just need something to do other than sit here…………damn house got cleaned like a mother fucker last night

        1. The GF is working on quitting smoking too. One thing she’s doing to resist urges and keep herself busy is doing puzzles to occupy herself in the evenings. Helped her a lot actually.

          1. hmmm, think i might do a lot of PS4….cardinals are on a west coast swing and i will not up late enough to watch that

    1. Ha! I’m still working on the 91 episodes of the Golden Girls we have on DVR. I never realized the wide array of topics they tackled on that show. I just watched an episode where Dorothy has a gambling problem and ends up going to GA. Pretty serious stuff.

  36. My wife and I both work from home Thursdays now …I’m not super busy today so I make a suggestion seeing that we have no kids here for once. The response:

    “We’ll see, not sure if I’ll have time today…”

    *Spends next hour on the phone with her cousin out on the deck*

  37. I’m a subscriber to the strategy of saying something really absurd late at night when you and your significant other are in bed and immediately falling asleep.

    1. I did that last night…she yawned..i said “tired?” She goes yeah. My reply was “must have been real hard to brown that meat and put seasoning on it while i swept up after your giant dog and dusted everything you haven’t touched in years until i had to clean the kitchen up. She shut up real quick.

    2. My GF is OCD about organization, so one of my favorites is intentionally putting something back in the wrong place and saying “I forgot about it”.

    3. That doesn’t work so well after a kid and you learn to completely shut down at a moments notice. Now I save it for the morning, usually by making sure to share whatever horrible song is in my head from the moment of waking and making sure she takes it to work with her. This morning was “WHERE WOMEN GLOW AND PLUUUUUNDER, CAN’T YOU HEAR, CAN’T YOU HEAR THE THUNDER” but just that part over and over and over while she showered. I guarantee she’s thought of it at least 10 times this morning and hated me more every time.

    1. Batman used to be Bateman. He was Jason Bateman’s brother George.

      George Bateman turned into George Batman after he and Jason had a falling out. Then it became Batman when George’s head got too big due to his popularity.

    1. Wally West the comic character was great. He was largely defined by trying to live up to his idea of Barry Allen as a saint and strugglinh with his own human frailties.

        1. That was a great rendition of him. He was never a perfect guy, but a very good one who genuinely loved being a superhero and treated everyone well.

          One of my favorite things was how the original Rogues actually liked him and hated Reverse Flash for genuinely wanting to hurt him. It was a nice twist on standard hero and villain fare.

        1. Yep. Some heart disease. I remember when I reported that on my site back in ’08. I remember the year because it was one of the last posts on my site.

  38. I’ve been watching Iron Fist lately and it’s not good, but I enjoy it. I think I just like superheroes kinda grounded. Like, not too much power or anything.

          1. Redbreast was a bit scattered. The books get tighter afterwards. Redbreast sets up a lot that pays off in later books.

    1. My biggest ish with him is that the powers come and go whenever the plot demands it. I fucking haaaaaaaate when they pull that shit with superheroes.

      1. Oh. I haven’t watched enough to see that yet. I’m only on the second episode and even though that happened once, I just thought he was going to keep his power now.

        1. It’s still happening in Defenders it’s fucking awful. It’s just part of his character apparently, he only has the Fist when the plot really really really really needs him to have the fist.

          1. That sounds incredibly stupid. I would never defend these shows as good, though. Maybe Daredevil, but that’s mostly due to them using the best stuff from over the years.

          2. DD and Jones were the best ones. Cage had some cool stuff, but the story went off the rails by mid season.

          3. Yeah. I still liked Cage a lot because of the Wu-Tang and Gang Starr references. And Rosario Dawson is my favorite character in all the shows.

            DD is really good. Next season is rumored to be Born Again!

          4. I enjoyed a lot of the stuff Cage did but I liked Cottonmouth as the main villain. When they switched to the other dude, it wasn’t as fun. The music they used on the show was by far the best out of the Marvel Netflix shows.

          5. The guy that plays Cottonmouth is just such a fucking tremendous actor even if the character for the second half was better (which it wasn’t by far, that evil brother storyline was booty) it wouldn’t have mattered anyway because Ali already stole the show.

      2. There is all types of cool things he can do with his chi powers but the show didn’t really get into that much. You rarely saw the actual Iron Fist.

        1. The best Iron Fisting in the whole show (and Defenders) is *still* that short clip of the World War II era Iron Fist whipping Nazi asses.

          Danny Rand fucking suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks

          1. The guy in the short clip you’ll see is using two glowing fists and spinning around and WHIPPING ASS and it’s so fucking cool.

            Danny has yet to do anything even close in his own show or Defenders. I want to see 1940s Iron Fist he looked awesome.

          2. Yes!! That was one of my favorite things in that series! That and the awesome martial arts tournament with all the cool opponents.