Geekery Saturday – SDCC Edition

Lots of news happening this weekend, as the Geek world descends upon San Diego for Comic-Con. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

The rumor mill has been going in overdrive about the DC Movie Universe Batman, as Ben Affleck may be planning a Bat-Dance out of the role. He’s portrayed Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, with a reprise already filmed in Justice League. The standalone film, titled THE BATMAN, may be in jeopardy, though. Affleck has already backed out of directing the film and new helmer Matt Reeves has said the studio is scrapping his script.

Over in the Marvel Netflix universe, Jeph Loeb announced yesterday that IRON FIST would get a second season on the streaming service. No date was announced for the new season, but the character will appear in The Defenders, which drops Aug. 18.

Here’s a new trailer for THE DEFENDERS:

After being published by Archie Comics for 25 years, comics starring SONIC THE HEDGEHOG will soon by published by IDW, after the property was abruptly dropped by Archie.

The CW released a video showing the comic book origins of its DCTV heroes, including the upcoming BLACK LIGHTNING, which debuts in the 2017-18 season.

Talk about this and anything else that happens today right here.

954 thoughts on “Geekery Saturday – SDCC Edition”

  1. DC announces a SECOND Death and Return of Superman animated adaptation, this one set to be a 2-parter to be more faithful to the source material, unlike the FIRST animated movie they did, Superman: Doomsday, back in 2007.

    1. I haven’t kept up with ALL of their animated releases but the ones I’ve seen, I’ve enjoyed. It’s weird, every division but live action film does a better job with the source material than the live action team does

      1. I’ve missed most of the animated movies released in the last year, because I didn’t care about the story – Batman, Batman, Batman can get old – and they aren’t really changing that in 2018. Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and a Suicide Squad movie aren’t likely to get me to shell out any money.

        But a two-part Death/Return of Superman movie, I’m all in on.

  2. “Why do you need a stool sample if you think I’m just a nut?”

    “Cos the answer’s not in your head, my dear. It’s in your butt!”

    1. Waid’s recent work has not been as strong as his past work. I’m starting to wonder if he’s lost it.

  3. The Defenders trailer looks decent. My boy Daredevil being a part of it adds to my interest. It looks like Iron Fist actually does stuff in this series too.

  4. Squirrel Girl won an Eisner….boo!! The artist is very mean…. Like, just not the kind of person I like to see succeed. Ryan North is super cool, though.

  5. Love is Love won an Eisner??? A book where Batman walks among real victims and gives some bullshit monologue? God, I hate the Eisners…

  6. Superwomen: Gender, Power, and Representation won over the Wonder Woman book by Jill Lapole?

    The Eisner judges this year really sucked…

  7. My hotel is right next door to the SF Chronicle. I’m going to stalk the building this morning before my sister wakes up.

  8. At Alcatraz they had these escape comics that I considered buying except they were possibly the cheapest designed books I’ve ever seen. Basically printer paper folded in half and stapled. It reminded me of the comics my friend and I made in junior high (featuring a guy with stretchy powers so his feet and hands were always out of frame because I couldn’t draw them lol)

    1. It’s a long drawn out story that sacrificed action for a plot about which family member is going to take over a corporation.

      Sound familiar? lol

  9. Forget to link my new replacement debit card to my Sony wallet and they tried to charge the old card for my PS Vue and when it didn’t go through, they just cancelled my service. No warning email to say, “hey, give us a new card number” like Hulu did. Nope, they just cancelled.

    Sony is a dick.

    1. That’s essentially how we pay our internet bill. We just wait until someone calls us the day before they shut it off and pay 2-3 months at a time lol

      1. No one but old people and Luddites read physical newspapers anymore.

        But hey, Slate has an Impeach-o-meter and it’s currently set to a “low” probability of 50% for Trump being impeached, so it’s not like on-line news is filling the void.

          1. Can’t one guy run around outside yelling, “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”

  10. What I don’t understand with movies like the new Godzilla or Kong Skull Island is why spend so much time on characters if you’re not going to develop them? I mean, I understand the entire movie can’t be the big monster fighting other big monsters due to cost, but why have boring characters who aren’t going to grow or change in any way?

    Power Rangers was fucking awesome because the characters actually had some stuff going on with them.

    1. I didn’t find that with Skull Island. The only real character development was Jackson and I enjoyed they actually spent a few seconds developing why he was your generic military kill kill kill.

      I mean I guess the other one was Goodman but his whole thing kind of drove the plot and got them all in the trouble they were in.

        1. Also I’m through the first book.. it was ok. I can see them getting better if he gets better at these stories and does less hey look at all the Australian stuff I know!

          1. Harry Hole leaves Austrailia and goes back to Norway in Book 3 and none of the Australian stuff is ever mentioned again other than a sentence in each book where it’s mentioned he once lived in Australia.

            The first two books are anomalies in the series.

      1. You sound like you’re agreeing with me that none of the characters in Kong Skull Island have character development.

        Samuel L Jackson’s character – it was just exposition on backstory. Zzzz. Show, don’t tell.

        1. but that wasn’t the point. they went hey..she’s anti war so like her.
          He’s a bad ass so like him
          Everyone else is fodder…lets get to the monkey fucking shit up!

          1. Yeah, that’s super boring to me. It’s just wasting my time. I’d rather pay the same amount of money only to watch the 20 minutes of the monkey fucking shit up

          2. I cared about Reily because he’s John C Miutherfucking Reily. Everyone else…it just wasted my time on boring stuff that went nowhere.

          3. Heroes who are good at everything are the worst kind of heroes. The vulnerabilities are what make characters worthwhile.

          4. lost in all this is I do agree godzilla was real bad. It had some promise and then they killed the person with all the character development and the movie died

          5. Godzilla was a text book example of everything bad storytelling is. It literally broke every Pixar rule from back when Pixar cared about making good movies.

          6. Yeah…I’m ALL about character development. If there’s no character development, I turn on it unless there’s some REALLY nice style.

          7. Don’t get me wrong I love character development but… I also love things like giant monkey swinging a bat

            John Wick dog gets killed so he goes on murder rampage

            I enjoy variety. appetizers and dessert to go along with main courses like Citizen Kane or Godfather

          8. The first John Wick movie had shit for character development, but had LOTS of world building. So, that was interesting.

            I also enjoy appetizers and dessert…I just like different appetizers and dessert. Like, I LOVE the Bad Boys movies because they’re just soooooo ridiculous and Belly because it’s so visually interesting.

            With Kong, just give me the monkey swinging a bat and don’t waste my time with characters who are just there to fill screen time.

          9. It’s a lot of things happening to a lot of paper thin characters without any tension or thrills.

  11. HBO Now’s customer service is amazing. Got jerked around by their twitter team. Passed off to their escalation team via email, who ignored me. I sent a follow up email asking when to expect an idea on getting Now to run on my 360. They said they’re working on it. They sent a followup email asking me to reply on how the process is going. They replied to that saying they’re still working on it and need more time. ….good thing I’m not actually paying for it because sheeeeeit

    1. The modern model is to not care about churn and only care about getting new accounts. It has a greater ROI.

      1. True, makes sense I guess because some will forget to cancel and wall street types are wowed by new subscribers.

          1. Which is opposite what I learned back in the day at Hollywood video and blockbuster. We were always told how much more it cost to attract new customers than retaining one when they explained why we should bend over and take it with every bullshit lie we heard on late fees and lost movies

          2. that philosophy wasn’t why though. All the companies and business education also preached that it was more expensive to get a new customer than keep an existing one. Different times now I guess.

        1. That same company has so many revenue streams, no one cares. Their stock sucks because the dividend is poor and no one takes wrestling seriously as a stock.

          1. True, though with ratings in the dumpster and a smaller TV deal looming, it certainly doesn’t boost my confidence if I’m a shareholder.

          2. The only shareholders of a wrestling company are wrestling marks anyway. No serious profile would have a wrestling stock.

          3. Wall St did a nifty little pump and dump a few years back around the time the last tv deal was negotiated. Slimy

    2. It loads on my other devices, just irks me that it won’t load on 360 and the 360’s in the room I want to watch thrones on. First world whinery but still

    1. I did not like Jackson’s, though I never bothered with Lord of Rings so that might be the only Jackson flick I’ve ever seen

  12. A big monster movie I LOVE is Pacific Rim. Most of the time is focused on giant robots punching giant monsters in the mouth and when they’re not doing that, every character has some sort of development where they’re trying to overcome a vulnerability. It’s a really well done piece of screenwriting. Every coincidence goes against the heroes and every character has an established reason why they keep putting themselves in unhealthy situations.

    1. I enjoyed it but almost wanted more with the robots. They built up the foreign robots really well then they just dropped like nothing. The Japanese one with 3 guys looked like it was going to be awesome then they died within like 45 seconds of fighting. …that built up the alien threat but still

      1. Extremely…but they all also had multiple vulnerabilities and their decisions were based on overcoming those vulnerabilities. I’m not saying it’s Infinite Jest with character development, but at least Pacific Rim characters had reasons for doing stuff rather than just wrong place, wrong time like most monster movies.

    2. I wanted to like that movie because of Del Toro but it wasn’t my thing at all. Yeah it’s probably the best movie about giant robots but I don’t like movies about giant robots

      1. I’m watching a storyline about the break up of the Pussycats and I’m thinking that this just isn’t important to me

        1. Yeah, from what I watched, that’s what it seemed like. Plus, it was very melodramatic, but in a fun way. It just wasn’t for me, but it wasn’t bad.

  13. Had my massage today. Think I was dehrydated already from last nights drinking, I’ve felt like crap ever since. Don’t think I’ll get any more. Last time I felt great during but a bit shitty afterwards as well.

      1. We were both playing it together as a Fun Activity but then she got better at it than me and hogged the controller and then got annoyed at me when I took 5 attempts to do every mission so I bailed and let her do it

    1. I beat it once a hundred years ago. I started replaying it a while back and can’t seem to advance past “Getting drunk and playing blackjack in Mexico”.

          1. You meet the most interesting people on the bus. And by interesting, I mean weird.


      1. The concept isn’t ever good…. At this point it feels more like, “Marvel has the Avengers, so we have to have one, too.”

          1. Ooooh.

            The poster design is just a rip-off a Kingdom Come cover. Even the lighting is the same.

      2. Even if they just go character pictures and no tagline. Or tagline on a black background, both makes it way too busy

          1. I can see them doing the tagline first then picking the lineup based on whose logos they could make sorta resemble a letter.

          1. I remember they released a collection of his work, probably in 1998 or so, that had the coolest painting of Morpheus I ever saw. I wanted to get it tattooed but I could never track it down again

          2. Fuck I bet that’s exactly the painting I’m thinking of. It was in black and white and made to look like a pencil sketch though it was definitely a painting

    1. It’s like somebody saw the covers for Kingdom Come and said “Let’s make ours look like theirs”

        1. Likewise. If they stripped the tagline off I could see it as a shirt or the cover of the home release.

    1. The bartender must find you to be a tasty twink for someone to enjoy. They’re just getting you ready.

      1. I haven’t bothered to ask for his advice since November. It was awful. He helped me in the same way Jake the Snake helped Ultimate Warrior against The Undertaker

          1. The gold coin appeared after that debacle. Plus he should be in debt to me. I saved hm from a three year old AND a trip to the garbage. My manager wanted to throw him away and I threatened a pox.

      1. Nah, it’s okay. It’s old time rasslin’ plus I left it at just a picture. No dissertation of Dusty’s booking or blah blah woof woof.

        1. Doood! You got Absinthe!? Yeah, you gonna get something touched at some point. Either that or you may end up in a fight which is also like touching.

          1. It’s not nearly as fun as advertised, it’s just a liquor. I go to an Absinthe bar at home fairly regularly they make juleps that are the stuff of gods

          2. I only had it once. Mixed it with poorly constructed screwdrivers. Ended up blacking out en route to a strip club, getting in a fight (i.e. I took a good clipper to the side of the head and across the jaw) and waking up covered in arm blood.

            I would try it again.

          3. Me and the guy sitting in front of us. He told me I was being too loud so I leaned over to Bonzai and said “oh this man’s evening is ruined now for sure.”

            Then I went full me and at the end of the game he got up, grabbed my shirt and took a swing lmao

          4. As Bonzai said “wow you were heeling it up huge, you should have put your hand to your ear to listen to the boos”

      1. She said “if you see anything you like that you want me to make you something out of let me know.”

        I replied, “lol I’m not walking in there.”

          1. I already have a source for these things. I don’t want more homemade presents I want money and gift cards lol

    1. Their ballpark is so weird because it has apartments in it. Like walk out your back door and you’re inside PetCo it’s very odd

      1. It’s strange for sure. I walked around it when I was there earlier in the year. I was going to do a tour but you can kinda see the whole park from the outside by their Hall of Fame

      1. I would go just to see it and see how long it would take before I bitch about the smells and the price of a rare action figure.

          1. I can’t imagine the smell would be hideous but I do see myself bitching over a $35 Street Shark figure I don’t even want.

      1. Or at the least, him having an accident and his brother Kevin Faraci taking over all his accounts and BMD

  14. “Did [the script] help answer some questions you had from the original movie?” Harrison Ford: “It doesn’t matter what I think.” #sdcc

  15. Blanche got stung in the leg yesterday checking the hive….maybe NOW she will finally fully cover up.. so we are dealing with a swollen leg and lots of itching

          1. I don’t “hate Zack… but history has now shown (at least IMO) that he is only good when given a fullly developed comic book to adapt. (I like 300 and Watchmen)

  16. Ben Affleck: “Let me be very clear. Batman is the coolest fucking part in any universe. I’m so thrilled to do it.” #sdcc….that’s not necessarily a denial

    1. “Matt Reeves? I’d be a fucking ape on the ground for that dude, let
      alone being Batman.” – Ben Affleck.

  17. WB/DC was destined to fail even with the right person in charge because they had the mission statement of hey……. do what Marvel did in 5 movies…… in one movie!

  18. My sister is going to some kind of dinner at the botanical garden with her work people. Tickets are already sold out. Sadly the Giants are playing an afternoon game so I guess my night is free.

    *ponders mischief*

  19. It’s died down some now but how sad and badly run movie studios are really showed after Avengers was the biggest thing in the world and every studio that had any comic properties at all announced they were doing a universe

    Fox said there would be X-men Fantastic 4 cross over
    Sony was going to take everything they had the rights to and make spider related movies (still might)
    Dc throw a bunch of characters against the wall and attached release dates without any idea how it was going to happen (most of which is back tracked now)

    It’s kind of crazy the sand boxes and money these people are allowed to play with and are not good at their jobs

      1. It could happen. They just released a comic book crossover featuring a fuck load of Hasbro properties.

  20. So thanks to Cherry Coke and their moniker bottles I have been using the names as my own. Yesterday I was Katie. Today my name is Arnold.

    1. Those bottles are gonna suck in 20 years after we’re inundated with presh names.

      Share a Coke with Braydien.

      Share a Coke with Tyce.

      Share a Coke with Gotham.

  21. “If you’re a fan of Superman then you’re going to be very, very happy when you watch Justice League,” says Gal Gadot #SDCC
    (come November, he’s NOT actually in it)
    “They don’t get the character, why would you want him in this mess?” says a since fired Gal Gadot

  22. Jason Momoa wants to have a scene with Jai Courtney. Gal Gadot wants one with Margot Robbie. …May Gal get what she wants

    1. Momoa seems like such lazy casting… I know for a fact that a few years ago basically all the studios had a “we will take a meeting with anyone from GoT” Hence they got all kinds of projects… and that would be around the time he got cast.

      1. Eh, so far, he’s looked fun in everything about it so that’s a plus. Going to be weird if he ends up the biggest star of Thrones

    1. someone brought up Hamm.. and can’t argue with that.. Fassbender is my go to for anything so there is him.

      what about Elba. WB could be progressive with Blackman

    2. I think they want someone younger. Fassbender would be a great choice. I know they’ve had a hankering for Gosling for a long time.

        1. Now I want a montage of Bruce training with the batarangs. It must include one shot of Bruce dodging it as it comes back and one shot of a batarang hitting the tea off a platter Alfred’s bringing in or it just hitting Alfred.

    3. I’m usually never good at fantasy casting, but I hope they keep the idea of older, world weary batman for awhile. If anything, even age up on Affleck some more

  23. *phases back in*

    Holy smokes. They got a bunch of Marvel shit on sale at Comixology. Lots of super cheap graphic novels. Yee hee.

  24. Hm, Kevin Smith finally lose his Hall H gig? Don’t remember him mentioning it this year and a quick google search didn’t turn anything up

      1. Yessir. There is a sale on graphic novels through the Marvel and Comixology apps. I believe you can buy hard copies as well. I presume that’s what you are shooting for?

          1. I swear there is an option to pick up print copies. I dunno. I read future old comics.

  25. I need to get on this comixology thing when I go back to the hotel I’ve been spending waaaaaaaaay too much through The Zon

    1. It’s a cool racket. It’s nice having a three foot stack of comics stored neatly inside of Tabby.

      1. But they have sales. I’m paying full price lately.

        Like seriously I’ve blown probably $200 on comics since I got my Fire last month it’s absurd

    1. I mean, if they 21 Jump Street’d it and did like a modern version of the campy fun Adam West Batman instead of making another SUPER GRITTY SERIOUS GRITTY DARK GRITTY NOIR GRITTY GRIT Batman, I’d actually be interested.

  26. Weird things I do for no reason. When I am tagging clothes at work I will toss them into bins and such and when I do I will always follow the throws with some weird Macho Man/Dio/Dr. Strange devil horns follow through. Like I am conjuring up spirits to guide my throws.

  27. It’s really stupid honky bull shit that for some reason if you buy comics from the DC app you can also read them through Comixology and the DC app but not Marvel shit.

      1. It’s annoying. I would like to have all my stuff in one convenient place. In order to do that I would apparently have to re-purchase the books through Comixology and that’s just silly.

      1. Nah. I just looked up the original Secret Wars (which I have on the Marvel paa….holy shit….APP..) and they want me to pay the full $20.

      1. There is an incredible macaron shop in Charleston, SC that’s owned by a woman that went to culinary school in Paris

      1. You really should just post rules. I know you prolly think you shouldn’t have to but clearly….no.

          1. There are also more savages there with no regard to that shit. Snarling wrestling fans. We are the evolved.

        1. I know. it’s ok. I have a bunch of crappy wrestler avatars I can use if I get bored with angry miz girl again

      1. Lol, Im pretty sure a simple Google check will suffice. Or just go to Youtube and look up Gal Gadot Gucci Bamboo, which sadly is not a euphemism

  28. Coming is here like the six months between Cheers S5-6 where Sam was traveling, sold the bar to Rebecca, the bartenders had to wear unis, and no one knew Norm’s name. Its familiar yet unfamilar

  29. Four innings come and gone in just an hour at Wrigley. Feels like a first-to-score-wins kind of game

    1. I used to have a super fluffy orange cat named Scooby that would always sleep stretched out as far as possible, and flat on his back. He did it all the time. He was really, really friendly and everyone just loved him.

      He was hit by a car and died.

    1. Sadly, SumSla occurs on a two-day rather than a four-day weekend for me and I won’t be able to make it. I’m sad about this.

        1. The last time we played softball this is what we did and I slid into third on my face lmao

          I was purple and blue for two weeks

  30. Oh, for fuck’s sake. From Newsarama:

    “Syfy’s upcoming Krypton is getting a big surprise twist as revealed at Comic-Con International: San Diego Saturday.

    Geoff Johns revealed that the live-action show ties directly into the present-daywith a “conspiracy” where villains go back in time in an attempt to prevent the creation of Superman. And a hero goes back into the past to stop them: Adam Strange.

    Other DC characters were promised, but Johns said that Krypton will not be connected to the DC Expanded Universe movies or other DC television series.”

  31. I just watched the first 2 episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and it was pretty funny. I’ll probably watch more.

    1. I watched the first season. I’ll eventually catch the rest. Pretty good stuff. I got through the first 2 or 3 Devito episodes.

  32. “A fan dressed as Robin asked if the mystery of the 3 Jokers would be revealed soon. Tom King said “Maybe you’ve already gotten the answer and you didn’t recognize it,” prompting wide gasps.”

    “King then burst out laughing, saying he was just joking, and that the answer would be revealed soon.”

    What a dick. I love it.

    1. I saw that and walked away because my limited knowledge of the label left me responding to the offer with “Oooh! Spawn!” and I don’t want a bunch of Spawn.

        1. I hear ya. I read trades and pick up quite a few. East of West is surprisingly great. I’m shocked how much I enjoy it.

          But really, there’s so much good at Image.

      1. I guess she didn’t want to film in Vancouver which is why she wasn’t in season 2. I don’t think he’s going to be a regular but will be at least appear periodically during the season.

    1. If youre Calista, no one’s batting down your door this day and age and people like you in that role, and theres worse places to shoot than Vancouver, so why not take a few months in Canada to do a solid gig?

  33. Cards and Cubs went scoreless through 7, back to back two-out solo shots in the 8th off Lester, Cubs scratch out two two-out runs of their own in the 8th off Wainwright

    Fun game

  34. Holy shit… if you keep talking about a wide-ranging bipartisan effort from both chambers of Congress, maybe you find a member of both parties to quote instead of three members of the same party? It’s fucking amateur hour today.

  35. My sister was getting very annoyed with me because I kept kind of moving her around as we meandered around the city. Like, as we’re walking if some weird homeless who was talking to himself was coming toward us I’d move her to this side of me or that side of me. She said she didn’t understand why I wanted her in a certain place for my own comfort/her safety. Apparently my brother-in-law never does this. This is a standard guy thing isn’t it? Or am I just paranoid?

      1. I couldn’t believe she’d never seen this before. I do it to Edna constantly and she just kind of rolls with it

          1. Weird. I’ve done it my whole life. I’d just rather be the first to take a punch/deal with weirdness

          2. I do the same thing. I had a high school friend who did a lot of study abroad in Spain, France and Portugal who told me that it was a more European thing. She also basically trained me to do the move instinctively.

          3. Yeah I don’t even think about it really I just move Edna lol, I’ll just kind of grab her shoulder and be like “oooook you’re over here now, thanks”

    1. I’m pumped for the Defenders. I still haven’t finished Iron Fist though so I kinda dread having to do that.

  36. I had an interview last week that was supposed to be a normal interview, but surprise! It was 2 hours of programming tests. (The volume of cylinders and defining abstract rectangles.) They e-mail me this morning telling me the next round is 3 hours of a surprise technology test. I told them either tell me what the test is going to be on or let’s just move on. They don’t need to give me 5 hours of surprise tests!

      1. Yeah. I also asked in the e-mail off they’re sure it’s a sales engineer job and not a straight software engineer. I don’t want to be a software engineer again…

          1. The surprise tests are the worst because they’re hard and someone is watching you the entire time second guessing you.

          2. Fucking torture. The worst thing I get is a copy editing/general knowledge test where I have to rewrite a sentence and write down the Supreme Court justices and the Seven Dwarfs. Which is harder than I think it should be… but still nowhere near that level.

          1. This is a fairly big software company. They told me this is the first time they’ve tried hiring a sales engineer.

          2. Pretty intense. I deal with construction consultants all the time and there are definitely companies that don’t vet guys designing systems that could actually hurt people this thoroughly.

          3. None of these companies make software that is life or death…they’re just overly picky.

    1. You seem to have the worst luck with interviewing. Just come work on the road doing nukes with me, dude.

  37. My sister has some kind of fetish for mass transit. We’ll just use the muni and the Bart!

    Why? Why in a world with uber would anyone but the people going to work use a train or a bus?

          1. I have nothing against mass transit really but like…it’s vacation. Let some Armenian guy cart us around

  38. Alrighty. I think I am gonna snag Transmetropolitan, Deadpool: Dead Presidents, and Spider-Man: Torment.

  39. Cool. Now to enjoy some beer and grind it out in Marvel Heroes Omega so I can earn enough energy shards and buy my Punisher.

  40. Damnit! I can get the Ultimate Alliance bundle for $24 on PS4. I kinda want it but I own the first one for PS3 and never touch it. Merrrrrrr.

  41. It’s true of me in a lot of ways though that I’m very willing to spend money on things that I want to do, but I’m painfully cheap insofar as paying for convenience. Within reason, I’ll do it the longer, harder way almost every time to save a few bucks.

    1. My wife is like that and it drives me nuts. Convenience is the best. And usually it’s not much more expensive anyway. Combined our Bart trip would’ve been $16…this uber is costing us $20 and will get me there 20 minutes faster with no crowds or waiting for trains

          1. How much for an oob?

            Like for me to come home from work in one is around 25 bucks on a normal day, or I can pay 2.75 for the subway. And it’s actually less because I’ve just got a monthly pass.

          2. I’m not actually sure for one person. Looked into it last Christmas and it came to like 450 for a group of 5 but not sure if that was because of the holiday or big group or what. Plus having a stranger drive is at least 90 minutes didn’t really float my boat

    2. I’m the exact opposite. I rarely spend money on things I want to do, but if I do, I go full convenience.

  42. One of the triplets is fairly impulsive, tells me an hour before it starts there’s a concert he wants to go to. He’s been driving his brothers to work this summer and I still have residual “they grew up in a hell hole” guilt, so I’m out in the car in a sketchy part of Hartford for at least another hour. (He’s licensed but I’m still not comfortable with him driving distances on the highway at night)