Sunday Catch-up: SDCC and More

So much is going on over in San Diego, and surely more announcements will come out during today’s final day of presentations.

We’ve got a real “Thriller” on our hands to kick things off, as Netflix’s STRANGER THINGS debuted a trailer for Season 2:

A tweet from Screen Rant shows the reveal of the villain in Marvel’s CAPTAIN MARVEL movie – The Skrulls!

We’ve got a whole bunch of new people coming to the CW DC TV shows: Michael Emerson (LOST, PERSON OF INTEREST) will join the cast of ARROW; Danny Trejo is joining the cast of THE FLASH; and Adrian Pasdar (HEROES) will be a part of the third season of SUPERGIRL.

The second trailer for THOR: RAGNAROK also debuted:

On the Geekery this week:

I took a look at the new JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer and discuss what it may mean. And you got a pretty good recipe for CHICKEN BROCCOLI ALFREDO. It’s really yummy.

Dave’s latest BIG STEAMING PILE looked at Train Simulator 2013 and Joe’s featured SONG OF THE WEEK featured Emily Haines and Soft Skeleton.

This here is your Sunday open thread.