Geekery Release Friday

New movies, new music, new games and a host of news coming out of San Diego Comic-Con should keep us all busy today!

In theaters today, Christopher Nolan’s DUNKIRK tells the story of Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire and France surrounded by the German army during the Battle of France in World War II.

On the video game side of things, Nintendo’s SPLATOON 2 gets released for the Nintendo Switch.

In the music section, NINE INCH NAILS is back with Add Violence. You can check out the single, LESS THAN, as last week’s Song of the Week.

Over in San Diego, Newsarama is reporting that Grant Morrison will be writing a new volume of Wonder Woman: Earth One and a sequel to Arkham Asylum. The Arkham sequel will be set in the same future universe as his Batman 666 issue, where Damian Wayne is wearing the cowl.

Noah Hawley, creator of FARGO and LEGION on FX, hinted during a Legion panel that he was working on a Doctor Doom movie for Fox.

And Kevin Smith broke some news during his SDCC reporting for IMDb.

It’s Friday! Talk away!