Red Robin

Subway Shorts – He’s Back!

After being held captive for so long, Tim Drake finally makes his way back to his home. But he’s not the only one back from Mr. Oz’s prison. He’s not even the only Tim Drake…

Subway Shorts – Who is Conner Kent?

Tim Drake’s attempts to escape continue in Detective Comics, as an older version of him from an alternate reality continues to drop some bombshells – like a best friend who seemingly has never existed!

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Subway Shorts – September 16, 2016

I know that tomorrow is technically Batman Day, but we’re going to do a Bat-themed Subway Shorts today. Well, really, it’s mostly centered around Tim Drake, Batman’s third Robin, currently Red Robin and leader of…

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Subway Shorts – September 2, 2016

We’re finishing up with the overflow from last week in today’s edition. The final two books from last Wednesday’s pull feature the World’s Finest – Batman and Superman – in the two oldest books DC…