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Legends of Tomorrow – Invasion

After five of their members escaped capture, it’s time for the assembled heroes to fight back against the invading aliens, the Dominators. It’s the finale of this season’s massive crossover as the heroes take on…

Arrow – Invasion!

The malevolent alien race of the Dominators are on Earth, looking to take over. This world’s heroes join together with Supergirl from Earth-38 to take them down, but the most experienced member of the team…

Subway Shorts – Superman 1

Brian Michael Bendis jams a whole bunch of story into the the first issue of Superman, including an alien invasion and a brand new Fortress of Solitude. But what has happened to Clark Kent’s world?

Subway Shorts – Creatures

A new real-world take on DC Comics’ Dark Knight takes the character’s origins in a new direction in the first issue of the new miniseries, Batman: Creature of the Night!