The modern-day Scooby gang take a trip to the past as the BOOM! Studios series homages the classic TV show in the new story line.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 25
Written by Jeremy Lambert
Pencils and Inks by Valentina Pinti
Colors by Raúl Angulo

In what the publisher is calling the “biggest Buffy story of this century,” fledgling witch Willow has ripped open a hole in space and time in her grief over losing her best friend (and vampire) Xander when he was dusted. Willow was searching for a way to get Xander back and manages to send herself (and her friends) into the Buffy multiverse to the world of the classic TV show. To set the new story up, last issue, we got to see a comic book version of the season 3 BAND CANDY episode.

We open the issue with a cameo appearance from The Judge (the demon Angelus tried to use at the end of season 2 to torment Buffy), as the modern-day crew try to figure out what’s happening and whether or not they can get home.

But the biggest debut in the issue comes from the Scooby members who are left behind in the present day. Robin and Faith have a run-in with Sunnydale High School Principle Snyder – who was one of the series’ best supporting players during the high school years. As if that wasn’t enough for a major moment in the issue, the Snyder appearance gives way to the debut of the Mayor, just to drive home the Buffy Season 3 of it all.

Will the storyline lead to a super-team-up with the two different eras of Scoobys fighting a Mayor of two different timelines? If they thought the snake from the Season 3 finale was big, I imagine one that encompasses two different timelines would be even bigger.

While the last issue ended with the season 3 visual of Ripper Giles and bad girl Joyce Summers, the 25th issue ends with a much more subtle reference pulled from the TV show, as Buffy and Willow sit and enjoy some shrimp tacos that Anya had been raving about.

It’s a deep cut, and so much fun.