Squirrel Flower takes a smouldering look to the underside of art.

Indie rocker Ella Williams AKA Squirrel Flower makes the type of powerfully quiet music that draws you in with its beautiful intensity. Her songs reflect an inner turmoil through relatable lyrics and tautly played guitar chords. “I’ll Go Running” is her best work yet, using repetition in her words to slowly build to a conclusion that doesn’t explode as much as vent a bit of pressure, her voice rising in passion before settling back down into its baleful tone.

It’s a dark exploration of what it means to be an artist, the amount of openness, reinvention and belief needed in the hopes that someone hears you. “I’ll tell you evеrything/I’ll give away every part/And when I get worn out/I’ll dive into the dirt,” Williams sings. As she further stated about the song, to create means “to be vulnerable to a knife. To be fresh, new, to give it all away. But it’s powerful to offer yourself and your art without fear, which is what I try to do with this album.”

“I’ll Go Running” will appear on Squirrel Flower’s sophomore album, Planet (i), out on 6/25 via Polyvinyl