We may be geeks, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to create great things in the kitchen. Some of the best dishes can be made quickly and easily as long as you know what you’re doing. Let’s get cooking!

I was going to make a CHICKEN PARMIGIANA for dinner the other night, but it was getting late. There wasn’t enough time to fry and then bake the chicken and eat dinner before it was time to get the kids to bed. So I had to improvise.

Quick and delicious is always a great way to go for dinner. And chicken and pasta is always delicious!

Start off with heating up oil in a pan while you slice up a couple of chicken breasts. Right next to the pan, fill up a large pot with water and start to boil. When the oil in the pan is heated, put the chicken in, seasoning with oregano, pepper, garlic salt and whatever other herbs you enjoy. Cook the pieces thoroughly, which should be easier with the chicken chopped all to bits.

When the water in the pot comes to a boil, it’s time to put in your linguine (or whatever other type of pasta you prefer… there really isn’t a bad choice here). As the pasta cooks, take a couple of stalks of broccoli and chop them up. Put the florets in the pot with the pasta for the final few minutes until the pasta is done.

After that, it’s all about combining everything.

Drain the water from the pot and mix the pasta and broccoli well. Then, take the cooked chicken and toss that in the pot and mix as well. Once everything is jumbled up just the way you like, take a jar of sauce (or homemade sauce or whatever you like) and pour it over the food. I like a nice vodka sauce because it doesn’t cause as much heartburn as other sauces do, but your mileage may vary.

Plate it, cover it in parmesan cheese and enjoy!