An intricate and lovely piece of pop.

William Doyle knows how to structure a song – his talent for layering melodies and instrumentation without overwhelming or muddling the track is prodigious. His latest single, “And Everything Changed (But I Feel Alright),” continues that trend, while also being one hell of an earworm. With waves of synths and dry guitar picks ebbing and flowing throughout the tune, Doyle crafts beautiful singalong choruses and verses. Distorted guitar solos and vocal harmonies pop up for a moment in the sun as well. It’s hard to pick what the standout moment is and you’ll want to relisten to dig into every change.

While his previous album, Your Wilderness Revisited, was also excellent, it was more subdued and refined, each part carefully constructed. But for his new album, Doyle said that rather than feeling constrained to masterfully compose a definitive work, he took a more relaxed approach: “I felt intensely liberated that they had been set free from my ceaseless tinkering.”

Doyle’s new record, Great Spans of Muddy Time, is out on March 19 via Tough Love.