A song for those who feel out of place.

Miss Grit, the project of New York City-based artist Margaret Sohn, made its first big splash last year with her debut Talk Talk EP, music that fed crackling and distorted guitar harmonics into four off-beat and appealing tunes. Now, on “Dark Side of the Party,” Miss Grit returns with a more intense track that moves from terse into explosive. With light, taut guitar lines echoing throughout the verses, she gets across that lonely, edgy feeling of being at a part of strangers. But it’s when the chorus kicks in that the panic of those situations reach full tilt, as those squiggly guitar lines transform into a monstrous grunge riff that hits like a freight train.

As Sohn herself said, it’s a track about feeling like an imposter, as if she’s crashed a party and is just waiting for everyone to realize it. “I’ve gone my whole life feeling really uncomfortable defining myself,” she said. “I realized that a lot of the time, I’m more comfortable with other people defining me and making up their mind about who I’m supposed to be.”

But all it takes is one listen to “Dark Side of the Party” to know that she belongs right alongside other up-and-coming indie artists. The song will appear on her Imposter EP, out on Feb. 5, 2021.