A slick, groovy song about seeing the crimes happening right in front of us.

Tamara Lindeman made waves three years ago with her self-titled album as The Weather Station, a wonderfully impactful collection of folk songs. Now, to celebrate her signing with label Fat Possum, she’s back with “Robber.” This incredible, expansive song rides a layback rhythm that throws in jazzy elements that snake in-between gentle piano chords. There are touches of saxophone that weave like dragonflies in a forest, as synths lay out atmospherics like the sun shining through the trees. All of it create a bed for Lindeman’s gentle vocals that come to terms with the generational and planetary fleecing that the powerful are committing.

Or, put in Lindeman’s own words: “​To put it straight; there are real human people who are literally robbing us and all future generations of all of everything that matters, right now. But we literally can’t see that as a society, because for one thing we’ve been taught not to value what is taken, and for another because we’ve been taught to glamorize and love the taker.”

“Robber” is out now.