There’s an effortless quality to Katy J Pearson’s new single, “Something Real.” Maybe it’s the laid-back acoustic guitar lines that both hangs back and drives the song forward. Maybe it’s when the full band kicks in and gives the track a bit of great propulsion, like speeding up to get on the highway with the windows down. Maybe it’s those touches of regal horns that shine like sunbeams.

Most likely though, it’s Pearson’s voice that elevates all those other elements. Her vocals have a conversational, but also emotional tone, her desire for connection and love coming through in each syllable. But you can also hear the confidence in her voice, that she’s not going to scramble for the first opportunity that comes her way – she knows what she wants and is comfortable enough to wait for the right moment.

‘Something Real” will appear on Pearson’s debut album, Return, on Nov. 13 via Heavenly Recordings.