Seriously, why has the site been down for more than 2 weeks?!?

What a trying time for us all, but thankfully, it’s all behind us now… for the most part.

Apparently, a power outage in mid-September knocked out some very important parts of the server where the Geekery is stored. My webmaster has been working diligently to restore everything. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and we cannot just snap our fingers and bring everything back the way we want it, so restoring everything took some time.

Actually, restoring everything is STILL taking some time. Not everything about the site is back up. You may notice that posts from the last four months – including reviews of comic books, movies, big events and even our Songs of the Week – are missing from the site. The last working back-up that we were able to use to restore the site is from May. For now, everything since May 23 is missing. But I’m assured that it will all be back… eventually. Hopefully soon.

But until the Geekery is fully restored, the site is back to being updated regularly.

It’s good to be back!